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  • Rozznoff

    September 6, 2021 at 7:44 pm

    Hey everyone,
    My name is Martin, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Austria. I’ve been started playing Poker(NLH)occasionally when I was 18. This was merley a hobby.
    I decied to come here as a complete noob of PLO poker.

    Currentky I’m working full time at an office. As I do not see any long term career in this field I decided that it is time for a change and enrolled at a distance learning university. Furthermore I started working out again 7 days a week to strengthen my body and mind.

    I’ve started PLO with a bankroll of 250€(which can always be increased due to my job)

    So far I’ve played ~1500hands on GG Poker and gone up to a bankroll of 300.

    My Plan for the next week(s) is as following:
    – Study Poker ~2 hours /day (main focus will be RFI/Preflop)

    -study for University

    – playing PLO ~1h/day (2 tabels seem to be my current maximum – any tips on how to work on that)

    – work out ~1 h /day

    Playing online poker for a living and substaining / reaching a healthy work life balance.


    – earn enough money to quit my job/swich to part time

    – Earning Money while chilling at a beach

    – Increasing the bankroll to 5k

    – Beating at PLO200 online over 500k hands with 4bb / 100(before rakeback)

    I’ll try to make weekly updates to this thread.


  • Adelaney

    September 16, 2021 at 11:25 am

    Hey Martin, welcome to the PLO Mastermind and the community!

    Best of luck with the career change I hope that university will be successful for you. What career path are you going down?

    When it comes to increasing table count the best way I always found to do this was gradually over time adding in 1 extra table, so at the moment you say your comfort/max is 2, so every now and then I would just add in 1 more table at first it’ll take some getting used to but then it becomes just as comfortable as it was when you had 2. There’s really no set in stone process to increasing table count it mainly just depends on your comfort which everyones differs, but i’d definitely give the above a go.

    Best of luck with the grind and all of your goals both in and out of poker I look forward to reading further about your progression.


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