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Thanks for the help PLO Mastermind! Think I’m done for the year. 10 bb/100. Midstakes mainly with a little high stakes, Best year ever. Until next year.


Hey guys, I think the PLO Trainer + videos is the perfect combination to keep everyone subbed to the MM forever :sonrisa: I don’t have enough patience or even resources to buy a solver and put all that work so this is so great and I am loving it.


Congrats for the best and most useful plo training software I’ve seen so far!

Kevin Connor

There is NOT a single coaching site that comes close to this one imo. Everyone’s hard work for MM does not go unnoticed. Thank you Team JNP.

Frequently Asked Questions


All major credit and debit cards and Paypal are accepted. For crypto payments please contact us at [email protected]

We offer a 15-day refund period on the first month of any of our subscriptions who sign up via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card, no questions asked (only feedback!).

After this 15 day period the customer has their own duty of care to ensure that if they do not want to renew their membership that it is cancelled on time, as any further payments are non-refundable. 

This refund policy does not extend to subscriptions paid for via alternative methods such as cryptocurrencies.

Regardless, feel free to email [email protected] with any refund request or questions.

When you cancel your subscription, you retain access to the membership until the period paid for expires.

For example, if you sign up on June 1st and cancel your subscription on June 2nd, you still retain access to all the membership perks until July 1st.

At the expiration date and time of your sign up, you will lose access to the content, resources and private member communities.

You can renew your subscription at any date after the expiration date.

Yearly plans do not renew automatically, so there’s no need to worry about canceling your membership.

Yes, you should be able to upgrade at any time from the PLO Mastermind pricing page. You should automatically get charged at a prorata basis, but in case you have any questions or billing issues simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of it right away.

Discord is like a better Skype group, because you can separate discussions by topics, or channels.

Anyone can join our Discord server (requires a free Discord account), and active PLO Mastermind members can access additional exclusive private channels. This is where all the PLO Mastermind members hang out.

To gain access, join our Discord and sync it to your PLO Mastermind username with a couple of clicks.

This is also how you access the Preflop Helper Discord bot.

4-Card PLO

The 4-card PLO membership gives you access to the 4-card PLO Mastermind videos and the 4-card PLO Trainer web app.

Videos and Quizzes
: The PLO Mastermind includes unlimited access to all our courses and content library (900+ PLO strategy videos and 350+ quizzes). Videos are not downloadable.

Downloads: Access to Preflop Charts, Postflop Shortcuts and other Downloadable resources. 

Discord: Access to multiple exclusive member channels to interact with PLO Mastermind members, coaches and our support team. Also the #preflop-helper bot channel.

Monthly membership lasts for a 1 month period (e.g if you sign up June 1st your subscription will renew July 1st), while yearly membership last 365 days.

The PLO Trainer Web app membership gives you access to 113,000+ PLO solutions.

You can browse and train any of our presolves scenarios to practice and improve your PLO decision-making.

The PLO Trainer Web app works in-browser and you can learn more about it here.

PLO Trainer Web App memberships do not include access to the PLO Trainer Desktop version (Windows only), which is only available in PLO Trainer Pro memberships.

Just use one of the major browsers and make sure it’s updated. Chrome, Safari and Firefox are supported.

You can still purchase access to only videos or software via the below links.

Click here:
PLO Mastermind videos
PLO Trainer Web App

You can also find our separate PLO Trainer Pro plans.

5-Card PLO

The 5-card PLO membership gives you access to the 5-card PLO Mastermind videos and the 5-card PLO Trainer.

You can learn more about the 5-card PLO subscription here.

We have a mix of 5-card PLO fundamentals, theory, and practical videos like session reviews.

New weekly videos will also feature the 5-Card PLO Trainer which you also have access to.

You can check out the 5-Card PLO videos here.

You’ll be able to access our expanding 5-Card PLO sims library of presolved solutions.

As of September 29, 2022, we offer the following 5-card PLO preflop sims. 6-max (no ante) at 20bb, 50bb, 75bb and 100bb, 6-max (w/ ante) at 100bb for RFI w/ ante and RFI w/o ante. And heads up preflop at 50bb, 75bb and 100bb (for three different rake structures).

We’ve also begun adding postflop sims (Currently 2,418 Flop Sims). For each situation we use a subset of 50 flops for every postflop scenario:
Unpaired (25)
Straight (10)
Paired (10)
Monotone (5)

Our team also added custom-made preflop categories and syntax that is specific to 5-Card PLO strategy.

Postflop sims will be continuously be added. 

Advanced software not included in offers on this pricing page. See details.

The PLO Trainer Pro has more advanced features, typically used by mid-high stakes players. You can maximize its use by having access to a PLO solver.

The PLO Trainer Pro membership gives you access to the PLO Trainer Desktop app and the PLO Trainer Web App.

Both softwares have the same 113,000+ PLO Solutions, but they have different features.

The PLO Trainer Desktop app is only available for Windows while the Web app works in-browser.

Operating System

Minimum Requirement: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
Recommended: Windows 10, 64-bit

Minimum Requirement: Intel Core i3 (or AMD equivalent) processor with 4GB of RAM. 

Recommended: Quad-core processor with 8GB of RAM or greater. This includes the Intel i5 processor lines (or their equivalent AMD processors).

Optimal: Intel Core i7 multi-core 64-bit processor with 16GB of RAM or greater.

Not Recommended: Intel Pentium 4, Atom, Core 2 Duo, or other low power processors such as ARM.

Visit the PLO Trainer Pro webpage to learn more about its features.

Join our Discord server to stay updated and get support from our team and the community.

Stay tuned for the latest products, offers, updates and free content

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All VIP Rewards members were automatically enrolled in the Black Card program and don’t need to apply again.

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