Let’s get started! From PLO10 to ….

  • Let’s get started! From PLO10 to ….

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  • P0c0l0c0

    January 31, 2021 at 9:01 am


    just started the MasterMind with the Launchpad and I’m totally blown away by this amazing content.

    I am really motivated to work through the different courses and take on the challenge of learning a (quite) new game for me.

    I play poker (on&off) recreationally for about 10 years, mostly small stakes NHLE MTTs with decent results, but without consistency: play for a few weeks/months, get bored, cash out most of BR, and then come back after a while and so on…

    Since Covid and the lockdown in winter in Germany I started to play again, had some good scores in the short time and could grow a small BR… but got a bit bored with MTTs and the long & constant time you have to dedicate to them.

    I found the PLO Small Stakes book by JNandez and was immediately hooked and wanted to know more so here I am 🙂

    Currently playing 0.5/0.10PLO Zoom on Stars with 1.8k BR but after I clear my current challenge bonus, I will switch to GG Poker (with First Deposit Bonus 600$) and play 0.10/0.25 Rush&Cash.

    As a long-term goal I am trying to reach 100PLO Zoom by the end of the year with constant working through the courses here and reviewing & improving my game.

    I have quite lot of time (only 4 hrs home office work/weekday, no gym atm and no other activities…) so my plan is to do at least 2 hrs of studying and 2 hrs of playing everyday, more on the weekends.

    I will update this blog to hold myself accountable and document my improvements.

    Cheers and Good Luck!

  • Adelaney

    February 1, 2021 at 11:02 am

    Hey @mcha

    Welcome on board, glad to hear that you are loving the content so far 🙂

    Have you checked out our road maps to provide yourself with a guide of the content to go through? if not you can check them out here: https://support.plomastermind.com/category/44-roadmaps

    Glad to hear that the Mastering Small Stakes PLO got you interested in PLO and brought you to the PLO Mastermind 🙂

    Best of luck with your goals, and if you ever have any questions never hesitate to reach out!

    Look forward to following your progression!


  • P0c0l0c0

    February 4, 2021 at 9:45 am

    Hey Adelaney, thanks for your message and kind words 🙂

    I’m currently working through the launchpad course, and sometimes re-read the Jnandez book to complement certain topics, but for me it’s much easier to learn with videos and especially the quizzes! These are awesome.

    It’s funny, everyday after studying I think omg I know next to nothing of PLO and have so much to learn (which is a great challenge I’m looking forward to) and then you jump in PLO10 Zoom and see even some of the “regs make quite terrible plays (especially pre)

    Just released a 80$ Reward bonus on Stars and instantly got the next one (1.000 VPPs must be finished in 12 days) so going to grind the next weeks to get this together with this other Chest promo thing and then swich to GG.

    Current results at PLO10 Zoom below. Running good it seems, so I think I will start some shot taking on PLO25 Zoom this weekend and see how it goes 🙂 Meanwhile working throught the launchpad course and reviewing preflop spots with PLO Trainer.

    Good luck 🙂

  • P0c0l0c0

    February 6, 2021 at 3:46 pm


    just had a quick session with 500 hands at PLO25 Zoom, went quite well and I’m up 4BI’s 🙂

    The last few days I spent some time with PLO Trainer and the Training function, at first only for RFI ranges. Really helpful, using the bucket feature you can really directly work on your most difficult categories -> easy to remember some patterns and implement in-game.

    Quite surprised how many “good looking QQxx and JJxx, even DS, are actually folds UTG..

    Have to quit the NLHE point of view 😀

    Think I will increase my study hours and rather play not soo much this month as planned, and hopefully next month start at GG PLO25 with a solid gameplan, and cash in the FDB for 600$ and grind for leaderboards and rakeback with higher volume.

    Some of the biggest/most interesting hands for me:

    1) Think pre might be too loose, not reviewed yet… postflop standard gii I guess


    2) Really lost on this hand, I block QQ and 99 and after flop checked through looked a lot like a combo draw from the button.. need to check with ppt the equities for calling


    3) Not sure about whether leading/CR river…


    4) Think pre is close, might be a fold. Think def. fold from utg..

    not sure about flop bet/call, might be better to cb with some sdv and bdfd.. stationed river for this small bet 😀


    Will review some hands now and train with PLO Trainer

    Good luck and nice weekend 🙂

  • P0c0l0c0

    February 11, 2021 at 2:44 pm

    Finished the PLO launchpad yesterday, really great stuff to get
    some foundation. Think I will go forward with the 10-week
    transformation and crushing small stakes course simultaneously as advised. Definately will re-watch some launchpad vids, esp 3bet pots.

    Man, this game can really be swingy and mentally challenging 😀
    yesterday’s session felt so unreal, lost every big hand and down 6-7 BIs..

    Today went really well, total oppsite…had a 600bb stack on 1 table after 1 hour 😀

    After 11K hands on PLO25 zoom I’m up around 6 BI.. guess I will be
    grinding a lot the next few days to cash in 1-2x more times the
    rakeback challenge on stars for 80$ each.

    I think I really need to stop making big river calls with
    medium-strong or even strong hands, I feel I get shown always the
    nuts, no matter if I got blockers, draws missed etc..

    Some hands from the last few days:

    1) My session yesterday in 1 hand 😀 maybe fold turn?


    2) No idea if this is overplayed by me.. thought maybe I could
    freeroll him, but well..


    3) Was against huge fish, not sure if I can just fold to his flop
    raise w/o backup to AAxx


    4) Should be a fold to 3-bet without DS, even open UTG is
    marginal…ok thanks PLO Trainer 😀

    Can we fold river? Thought by playing it passive, he might „bluff“
    some rundowns w/o SDV.. don’t think he would call bare Aces on turn..
    maybe leading flop is a thing here


    5) Guess it’s always Aces.. Villain 3-Bet 3% over 500hds..


    6) I like villain’s line with all the blockers.. but didnt work
    this time, I’m a calling station 😀


  • P0c0l0c0

    February 14, 2021 at 9:57 am

    Yesterday’s session went really well, didn’t get much volume in but won 10 buyins in about 1k hands. Ran good / got there in every big pot, feels good.

    It’s 1 month since starting playing PLO and I’m quite happy with the results and overall progress.

    For me it really helps to document and reflect on your current path, as sometimes the day to day grind can seem somewhat small/meaningless, but when you see the bigger picture it all comes together.. if that makes some sense

    And that in return motivates even more to learn and get better. I think I’m starting to have a decent understanding on preflop Open RFI-Ranges. Will dedicate my PLO Trainer work now to 3-bet pots and cover everyday a different subject.

    Some of the biggest hands from yesterday:

    1) He insta pot-bets flop and turn, was a bit worried if he has some Wrap+FD type hand, but turned out quite good 😀


    2) Was really lost postflop.. wanted to C/shove, but in hindsight think B/C is better, as we block quite a lot of his natural betting/continuing range and we loose decent equity on some bad turns (as this one)


    3) Think as played villain barrels some rundowns/FDs on the turn, as we look quite weak. Blocking a 9,6 and therefore also some 9876 type rundowns, as well as unblocking Spades is really good to call otr


    4) Think river is really interesting… after his check, we should be good here but can we value bet thin? All draws miss, so he might call lighter, but his range contains also so many missed draws (which we completely unblock) and maaaaybe some traps…


    Goal for the next week is week is to work every day in detail on 3Bet Spots, as this gives me the most problems in game (especially OOP).

    Today later on will play higher volume sunday grind (maybe 1 or 2 MTTs on the side)

    but next week studying > playing. Hope I can keep this promise 😀 Cheers

  • P0c0l0c0

    February 20, 2021 at 9:13 am

    Didn’t play the last few days, had quite a bad start to the week and lost about 12 BIs.. Definately need to work on my mental game. I think the ups and downs affected me more that they should. I noticed that I start out the session playing fully concentrated and in flow, as soon as there are some beats/bad played hands, I get slightly tilted without fully noticing it and make bad decisions.

    I really miss working out for mental and physical well-being and some life balance (gyms are closed here for what feels like forever..) and I am really “unbalanced and get angry fast (also away from poker). Never been that way normally…

    Finished week 2 of the 10-week transfarmotation program, really inspiring topics for my whole life. Will definately re-watch/listen to some episodes before sleeping to internalize some ideas and concepts.

    Worked a lot with PLO Trainer on RFI from all positions and compared with my HM3 stats. Focus was to loosening up a bit more from CO & BU especially (CO: 27,9% vs 32,9% and BU: 41,4% vs 53,5%) SB my RFI is too high, and I need to reduce it / select better hands for OOP

    I like my progress on RFI with the trainer, I get mostly between 85-95% correct (w/o AAxx and “easy buckets). Most mistakes are folding too many marginal (ev-wise) hands. But I try to find and better look out for patterns which marginal hands to raise/fold.

    This weekend and next week I will cover Cold-Call vs. 3-Bet spots for every position. This might be quite challenging and looking forward to!

    Not sure when/if I will be playing.. have the feeling I need to be better prepared than I currently am..

    Have a nice weekend; at least here the sun is shining 🙂

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