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    Posted by Graviisan on March 30, 2022 at 11:53 am

    My story:

    My name is Morten I’m 29 years old and from Denmark.

    When I was about 17-18 years old, I started playing micro stakes NLHE on Fulltilt Poker and some other sites. I remember I sometimes skipped classes in High school to go and sit playing poker on my laptop in the school cafeteria. “Too cool for school” I remember my teacher once said. No-one is “too cool for school”, but I was too energized to enjoy studying things I didn´t find interesting. On the other hand, when I found something interesting, I was extremely motivated about it.

    After I finished high school, I was not motivated to study further. I did not know what I wanted with my life, except that I felt relieved that I no longer had to sit down and listen to some random subject by random teachers. I felt free, though I also realized that I was growing up, and soon needed to take responsibility of my life.

    After feeling down and kind of depressed for a shorter period, I decided to travel to Australia to backpack and work various jobs. The travel to Australia was a learning and joyful experience, but when I arrived in Denmark in the summer of 2012, it was getting more and more clear to me, that things had not really changed much. I still wasn´t clear about my future. I guess it was around this time, that I started getting more into Poker.

    I would play tournament poker on my girlfriend’s laptop everywhen possible, and I would feel like I always came “SO CLOSE” to the goal of winning a tournament. But, what would it even matter if I won? It wouldn’t be a sustainable future for me, and looking back, I’m so glad I didn´t make a big score, since I could have ended up wasting even more time chasing another big score and so on.

    What happened next was, that I ran out of money. Since I was not willing to commit to a job (because I was so stubborn about succeeding in poker), I kindly asked my girlfriends dad if I could borrow 600$ for playing poker. He immediately (almost insisted) to give me 600$ for free, but I insisted to work for it. Finally, I ended up cleaving a hole bunch of wood, which took around 30hours, which is comparable to average Danish wages of around 20$/hour for “unskilled” work. Off course I ended up loosing those 600$, and I was back to status quo.

    To raise more money, I applied to something called “Cash-assistance”. It´s a part of the Danish welfare society and works so that you are guaranteed X amount of money supplied by the state. During the process, you will have to seek work, and when you DO find work, you´ll get the same rate, no matter how much you work, at least if you´re still signed up for “Cash-assistance”. What I mistakenly thought was, that I could get some quick cash to supply my pursuit of being a successful poker player. Instead I ended up working 3 month, 160hours a month for 800$ a month after taxes. But in fact, i´m really pleased I got to go thru this process.

    I learned a lot about hard work and I meet people at the “bottom of society”(<3).

    During this entire process, I managed to make around 8.000$ playing 6-max NLHE. I don’t recall the stakes or number of hands played, but I guess it was 50$ NL and I properly ran hot. I decided that now it was time to quit the “Cash-assistance”. It was around December 2012.

    For some reason that I don’t recall, I managed to loose all 8.000$ in one single day playing blackjack and eventually slots. I was never a gambler. I always only played poker, but some outside factors in life (winter depression or similar) just made me loose my mind. And that was all that was needed. One major mistake, and 3 months of grinding was wasted. I was crushed. I felt so terrible, thinking about how it would look in other people’s eyes, if I went back to “Cash-assistance” to raise money once again. I was feeling like a huge failure.

    Looking back, I’m extremely happy that this occurred, because it taught me the indifference in playing casino-games, and what can eventually happen if you lose your mind. This will NEVER happen again in my life.

    I don’t recall exactly when, but sometime between January-February 2013 I became acquainted with another poker player, Sebastian. He was the inspiration and motivation I needed at that time of my life. I was still determined to success in poker, so I eventually decided to go his place (4 hours in train from my place), carrying a huge travel case with my stationary computer, monitor and what else. He introduced me to NLHU poker, and within one weekend I made 2.800$ on NL50 on PokerStars. This was the point of no return.

    From 2013 until approx. Late 2016 I made something like 200.000$ playing NL50-NL600 and some PLOHU on PokerStars under the nick “Graviiiiiiii” and on some other sites. The focus was primarily centered around the financial aspect, meaning mostly bum hunting, occasionally playing regulars battling for the better tables (Yes, some tables were significantly better than others!)

    Sebastian has been a huge inspiration to me, because he has always been extremely disciplined, humble, listening to criticism, and in a constant pursuit of learning even more. I attribute a large part of my success to Sebastian, and I thanks him once again. I also meet Johan, which now share the same name as my firstborn son. He has also inspired me in many areas of my life. Unfortunately, I have no contact with either of them anymore, but they have always been good friends of mine.

    In Marts 2016 I was diagnosed with ADHD. Finally, things started making more sense to me, as I was able to put a reason behind a lot of my actions. Ever since then, I have become the best version of myself, and still constantly reflecting about my own (and others) actions in life. This is one of my forces.

    As it got harder to Bum-hunt, I took a break from poker. I was getting anxious about the future, and eventually decided to apply for studying a bachelor’s in finance. At least that would give me some security in life. I had some interest in finance already, but that was more on a macro-level, and because of making a good amount of money on poker. It was never really a dream of mine, but eventually I was approved for school.

    I started studying finance in September 2017, but never really let fully go of poker. Meanwhile I played PLOHU on Chinese apps making a good amount of money, until the app eventually shot down around spring 2019. (I didn’t play poker again until January 2021).

    21st of July 2019 my son was born – the happiest day in my life.

    I was on maternity leave for a full year and went back to school in August 2020. In January 2021 I started getting into 6-max PLO and became aware of PLO Mastermind. I played for several months, but didn´t pay enough attention to studying the game, since I would rather play than study once I had some time free from school. I made a decent amount of money, but I wasn’t crushing, rather grinding, and mostly my winnings came from rakeback. I decided that when I would finish my education, I would go full-time playing poker. At the same time, I wanted to prove to myself, that when I have the will to do something, I can do it! I took a break from Poker in November 2021 until my final exam in January 2022, focusing 100% on my bachelor’s thesis. I had just below average grades combining the scores from different subjects, but I ended up scoring the highest grade at the final assignment, the bachelors thesis. My first and only A+. I succeeded, but I wasn´t happy because of the grade itself. It was my ability to engage in something and committing 100%, not giving up during the progress. Because there were hard times indeed, but I didn´t quit. Before I went to the exam I told myself: “whatever happens, you can be proud of your effort”. And therefore, for the first time in my life regarding school, I felt satisfied even before the exam was held. The exam was on January 6<sup>th</sup>. 2022

    On January 15st 2022 my daughter was born. – Also the happiest day of my life 😉

    On February 1st 2022 I went full time playing poker. A new era has begun.

    During the first 2 months I have played 140.000 hands.

    126.000 hands of PLO100, making 13.600USD + 5.500USD rakeback. An EV of 9.5bb/100 and AdjEV of 7,4bb/100.

    15.000 hands of PLO200 making -4.600USD + 1.000USD rakeback. An EV of -13.6bb/100 and AdjEV of -7.7bb/100

    Making a total of 15.500USD in 2 months.

    Those are good results, but its A LOT of hours, and not the pursuied lifestyle for me, and not what I intent with poker. Therefore i´m fully committing to do whatever it takes to pursue my vision in poker.

    My vision:

    I´m a professional poker player who daily/regularly plays stakes between PLO400-PLO1000 online, and sometimes travels to live events/cashgames in Europe, making an average of 10.000$+ living a balanced lifestyle that is also beneficial for my family life.

    My Purpose:

    I play poker because I love the game, and the aspects of freedom that it brings. I love working independent, allowing myself to have a lifestyle where I can work on “Projects” whenever I feel like. Freedom is the biggest motivator, because it also brings opportunities to having enough time to philosophize about your life, not being stressed and limited by a 9-5job. Poker can secure my kids financially, which can let to me spending more time on the importance of being a dad – being present for your kids.


    Beating PLO 200 with at least 5bb/100 over 100.000k hands

    Beating PLO 400 with at least 5bb/100 over 100.000k hands

    Beating PLO 600 over 50.000k hands

    Beating PLO 1k over 50.000hands.

    Just Simply Crushing 😉

    Playing 160hours a month/Studying 40hours a month

    Gradually implementing more studying and less playing as I move up stakes – Quality over quantity

    Always remembering the importance of the Mental stage – hence regularly studying/reading/listening to broadcast regarding the mental game

    When reaching a Bankroll of 50.000USD, allowing myself to start cashing out winnings for the purpose of buying a house with a nice Garden on the countryside here in Denmark.

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  • Graviisan

    April 5, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    The Mental game of poker – chapter 2 (Foundation)

    Greatest Weekness.

    When i get bored/playing while tired because of insisting to play x amount of hours that day, i easily get out of my focus zone. Eventually it leads to me easilier getting frustrated beacuse i dont feel 100% sure about how to play My range in a spot (beacuse it naturally requires a lot of energy thinking in ranges vs opponents), and as a consequence i feel like im not a good enough player, to beat stakes above PLO100. Then My ego Comes in play, and I might keep sitting on “bad tables” or not quitting regs when tables break and we Are HU. Not having a fundamentally strong HU game compared with playing 5 other 6-max tables simultaniously affects My decision making on the 5 6-max tables.

    leave your ego, quit the HU table, and considor if you should spent your time studying instead. Or maybe you simply just need to take a break and relax.

    “No one can play their a-game all the time, but what you can do is, to improve your biggest weaknesses”.

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