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    Posted by Discolime on September 12, 2021 at 7:29 pm


    I’m a part time grinder from the USA. This is going to be my 3rd attempt at PLO success. I’ve been grinding NL as a serious side hustle for almost 20 months now. I started at 10NL and was just playing 200NL. I’ll post my graph from 50NL-200NL with a 6+bb/100 win rate.

    The game just got boring for me. I would have to watch some PokerGo on the side just to keep me entertained while I grinded monotonously. Even though my win rate was solid and I was earning a nice side income, it just wasn’t as enjoyable. I can’t even find enjoyment studying which was the final straw. I may play some NL in the future, i’d like to be solid enough at both games to reduce burnout.

    My favorite poker players Jeans89, Ben Tollerene, and Phil Galfond all grind PLO. PLO has always caught my attention, I just wasn’t ready for it. My mental game was weak and I wasn’t rolled enough. I’m now properly rolled for PLO100 and shot taking PLO200 vs soft tables. Learning PLO is exhilarating for me. I think about it all the time and can’t wait to get off work to grind.

    I despise punching a clock and working for THE MAN. I will give everything I have to be free from it. This thread will document my attempt to be free from it.

    I’m hard saving at work to have enough money in the next 6 months to take a shot at being a professional. I’m being very thorough on my options here. I will move to be near my state casino and have the ability to play soft live games in addition to online. I also can do side work as my occupation is a welder if times get tough. Having live poker and side work possibilities, a lot of things would have to go wrong for me to go completely broke. I plan to have 15 months of living expenses and a 100BI bankroll for at least 200. I think I can surpass this financial goal by next summer.

    My mental game is very strong now. I’m watching my diet, meditating, and training for a marathon. I’m also quite busy, therefore can’t dedicate too much time to the game.

    My current goal is to grind 20 hours per week and study for 1 hour minimum 5 days of the week. This is a modest goal, but one I think I can stick to. Most people make insane goals and can’t stick to them. Study will be videos and PLO trainer web app for now. I will usually spend half of my lunch breaks doing the PLO Mastermind quizzes.

    I play currently on Bovada and Chico network. Good luck to all and see you at the tables.

    God Bless America!

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  • Discolime

    September 28, 2021 at 11:33 pm

    I have wrapped up September. I’m off to a fantastic start. This is at PLO100+PLO200 (BB won not $ won).

    I really focus on table selecting and play 4-6 tables. Six tables is kind of pushing it for me though, I’m most comfortable at 4-5. I also have some rake-back and bonuses coming my way in a couple weeks.

    I’m adjusting my study routine to study M-Th basically each night after work. I will pick one day M-Th that I don’t do or watch anything poker related. I will use Fri-Sun for grinding. I’ve concluded I’m just a little too burnt out after work to get in the zone. I also have a marathon coming up and I want to train those nights with a long run pre session on Saturdays.

    Very fortunate to be able to play a game I love on the side.

    God Bless America!

  • Discolime

    November 2, 2021 at 9:59 pm

    OCTOBER: Hit 55k hands from start of the challenge.

    I was crushing PLO100 + 200. I took a shot at PLO500 and lost about 5 buy-ins, which virtually deleted my winnings for the month. I wasn’t in the best mindset to take the shot and it hurt.

    I’ve been playing poker pretty hardcore every weekend for almost 2 years now. It is stressful to combine that with a full time job. I realized this past weekend that it felt like a part time job, not a lucrative hobby. My mood was being affected by my results, which is a bad thing. Also, I can tell at the 100 level I’m not very focused. It’s just not as exciting for those stakes anymore. If I want to be able to battle at 500 and 1K I need to put in more work. I feel this month is that time. For these reasons, I’ve concluded it’s best to take this entire month off.

    I will focus my free time on studying fundamentals and building a better base for PLO. Hopefully this well reset my mind and boost my confidence. My goal for the month is to get 60 hours of study in. Pretty much splitting between videos and solver training.

    Will update progress at the end of the month.

  • Adelaney

    November 15, 2021 at 9:34 am

    Hey @discolime

    Welcome fully to the great game! Glad to hear that you have everything that you need in place to finally make the transition.

    Looks like you had a great start in September, sorry to hear your first shot at PLO500 didn’t go too well but I hope it doesn’t get you down and you’ll be ready to take that shot again in the future.

    Enjoy the month off the tables studying and resetting yourself, ready to come back strong on the tables in December!


  • Discolime

    December 3, 2021 at 1:08 am

    My month away from the tables has completed. I played my first session tonight and felt so refreshed. I was unable to get anywhere close to my 60-hour goal of study. I watched 20 hours of videos, spent 5 hours in the trainer, and hired my first PLO coach.

    It was exceedingly beneficial to take this break from poker. My mental mindset is the best it’s been in a long time. I’m very confident with my progress over the past month.

    This upcoming month I’ll be switching my focus from videos to the PLO trainer. Will have 1-2 sessions per month with my coach. Can’t wait to get back to grinding on weekends. Updated results coming the end of this month.

    God Bless America! 🇺🇸

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  • Discolime

    January 26, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    Below are my results as a part time player since my last post. I played 51K hands with a 4.52-win rate at PLO200. This is actually incredible because I feel like I’ve punted so much. I haven’t had as much time to study as a full time pro due to work.

    After deep evaluation I’ve decided to pursue poker full time. This past week was actually my first time being a full-time player. I don’t like the term “pro”, I prefer to just say I play full-time. I made basically the same amount of money last year playing part time as I did at my real job. Also, there are many health risks associated with my profession and I have almost 300k hands winning in NL + PLO.

    There was little room to grow at my old job and can only hope for a $1 raise per year. I also have a technical skill as a welder for backup. So, if this for some reason didn’t work out, I don’t see myself having a difficult time finding work.

    I have several months of living expenses and over 100BI for PLO200. My plan is to grind PLO200 all next month and evaluate taking a shot at 500 in MARCH.

    I haven’t specified my study schedule so much yet. I plan on taking 1 full day off from grinding per week at minimum. I think it would be best to have a pretty heavy study ratio to start out while I’m not in a rush for income. Low end being play/study 80/20 up to 60/40. I’m also still training for a marathon that is in the end of February.

    Well, off to my first month as a full-time player. Will update end of February. I’m grateful for this opportunity to pursue my passion as a career and the freedom that comes with it.

    God Bless America!

  • Discolime

    March 21, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    Long time no post,

    I’ve been grinding away and I am basically on the cusp of playing PLO500 permanently. Here in the graphs are my results since my last post on 1/26/22. This is some PLO200, but mainly PLO500 this entire month. I still mix in some 200 on my games with rake-back deals when the tables are good. I also won some on CoinPoker which are untracked. I really like CoinPoker software and hope traffic picks up.

    Unfortunately, as soon as I started my journey one of my affiliate deals on Bovada fell through. Pretty sure the affiliate just decided to scam his players, so I withdrew all my money from there as I do not want him gaining anything from my play. I moved to another site that had a reliable affiliate partnership for rake back. I think rake back is a big deal at 200 and below. Now that I am at PLO500, I have more freedom in options of games.

    I completed my first marathon during this time period at the end of February. It was a great experience. I’m not sure if I’ll do another full one or not. It’s just such a huge time commitment training doing multiple 2+ hour runs, etc. I also do not like the physical appearance of marathon runners. Mainly how skinny they are with little to no muscle. Right now, I think I’d prefer to just train for faster half marathons

    I’ve had an up and down roller coaster with weight struggles my whole life. Four to 5 years ago I was very overweight/borderline obese skinny fat build. After that I got into great shape with a visible 4 pack. Once covid hit, I fell back into my old ways and gained most of the weight back. The past few months I turned it around again in prep for the marathon. I’m not ripped by any means I’ve still got a decent fat around my belly but I’m planning on being toned out by summer. Currently at 181LBS, goal to be at 160 by June.

    Fitness is undebatable +EV for life and I believe it’s huge +EV at the poker tables as well. Even if it’s just doing yoga at home, you’re not living to your full potential if not doing some physical activity. You don’t need a gym membership or anything, right now i’m just training kettlebell, burpees, pullups, and running.

    Ok, let’s get back to poker. I’ll discuss some of my current routine. I’ve been meeting with my coach every couple of weeks, and I use the PLO trainer for study. I try to hit it for an hour a day, but honestly, I don’t hit that goal to often. Going to turn it up another notch if I want to hit the 10/20 streets. I usually wake up and do some form of exercise. It’s usually burpees and kettlebell or running and pull ups. I do struggle with smart phone addiction sometimes I end up wasting hours death scrolling it’s so stupid. I want to hit the phone with a hammer and buy a flip phone sometimes.

    I try to take one day off a week where I don’t do or watch anything poker related. This day is usually on Mondays. This day off is critical for the brain. Tues-Thursday is when I usually hit the most study hours. The weekends the games are so good I try to just volume pump, which may be a mistake. Those days I break my routine seem to be when I have my worst results.

    Going to post some goals for to complete by July 1, 2022. After I complete these, I will be looking at a strong 5/10 shot take.

    1)150,000 hands at PLO500 winning >10bb/100

    2)160lbs goal weight

    3)Run a 22min 5K timed race + Donate to the charity

    4)Spend 85 total hours deep study in PLO trainer. This is 1hr for 6 days per week.

    Well, here’s my results in the photos, it’s some PLO 200 and lately all PLO500. I’ve still punted so many stacks, but the other players just punt harder. I’m really enjoying the game and the freedom it brings. Will update sometime in April.

    God Bless America!

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  • Discolime

    May 3, 2022 at 5:46 pm

    April in the books. Results are pictured. I think overall I had a C grade month. The first 2 weeks were total garbage play. I took a 4-day break in between, tweaked my routine, and finished the month pretty strong. I was pressing myself to play too much volume and not enough study or relaxing.

    I’m still committing to 1-2 coaching sessions per month plus daily time in the lab. I am working on making my study time most efficient. I see many people in study groups waste so much time discussing extremely rare spots. IMO this does little for your game overall. I also think many players don’t actually spend focused time on their game. They maybe just have 5 browsers open, chatting in discord, listening to music, tweeting, etc. 20 minutes of deep work is better than 2 hours of this bs. Giving someone a gym won’t make them strong.

    I will be gone on vacation for a week this month, so my volume will be lacking. I am shooting for 31k hands.

    My goal for May: (minus the vacation days)

    1) Hit 90 minutes deep work in lab per day – this is priority #1 and I will not do anything else until I at least hit an hour every morning.

    2) Fitness- Don’t take more than 1 rest day in a row (even on vacation)

    3)Mental – just be more grateful. I am very blessed to be able to work on myself every day and do something I have a passion for. I had a gratefulness journal before, which I will resume. Goal is to write a few sentences each day in this journal.

    4)Volume – I am lowering my volume expectations for now. I think it is better to work on myself more and only play 6-8 hours per day. 31,000 hands for May.

    “Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” Epictetus

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