Partypoker softness?

  • Partypoker softness?

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  • Funnybunny H

    September 10, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    Hello, I know this or similar questions have been asked probably a 100 times, but I would like to get some fresh input on how tough are the PLO100-200 games on party, especially the FF tables.

    I transferred my small balance from RIO (site is a ghost town, and i really hate the anon. tables) to PP today, and jumped on 2 PLO50 FF tables and played for an hour. While I did notice plenty of players playing 2-3 tables at least, but the game didn’t really seem tough (very straightforward action from reg(ish) players, and also somewhat tight).

    Most answers dating back to a few month ago were, that the FF pools are very tough because of the rake race, but since then PP changed to daily leaderboards (which I assume reduced the heavy grinding a bit).

    So if I could get some answers from players who do play these games on Party (maybe even on PS) that would be appreciated.

    Need to note, that I am a semi-professional grinder myself, and at PS I do beat these stakes comfortably on the zoom format.

    Regards, FunnyBunny.

  • Funnybunny H

    September 15, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    I did one more session since, and I don’t think my love for party will develop any time soon. There are some bugs in the client that annoy me too much, for instance I had to re-do all my settings because Party forgot what I saved like 5 days ago for whatever reason. Also I have the auto rebuy on, and still sometimes it doesn’t top up my stack.

    But the most annyoing thing is, how unlike in PS client, I can’t write down notes after the hand is done, because I can only select the players currently at the table. In PS it’s not an issue, since the player name doesn’t go away, and I can also edit notes in the replayer window. This is really a huge let down for me as I like to take as many notes as I can.

    At the same time PS is giving me some of it’s love as well in form of variance at the tables. Finally got back to grinding more seriously after some casual time, and I was hit by this lovely downswing. Guess it’s time to take a bit of a break again, because it starts to take it’s toll on my mental game.

  • Luuk

    September 21, 2020 at 7:43 am


    Party poker definitely has it issues for sure and the software isnt as perfect or great as that of pokerstars for example. The note taking issue is definitely annoying as it doesnt seem its getting take care of by party atm. Its something many people dont like but still they choose to keep it the way it is, at least atm. Therefore we just have to create a way to handle it the best we can. We can either get annoyed and frustrated by it, or accept it and deal with it. Why dont you create a file in which you write notes during the session. And then at different times in your session just copy paste this into the players screenname. Its not as convenient, but it is something and one of the best ways to keep control over notetaking. The other setting issues can be annoying too, but again, keep control over what you can control. This is something thats not within your own control. Keep in mind party has done a lot of great things over the past years, including improving their software a lot. I am sure they will continue doing this, but apparently not everything is as easy as it mind seem to us. Obviously the software isnt as great as stars, but there are many benefits that party has over stars again, especially when it comes to the leaderboards and rakeback.

    When it comes to the action it self, i havent played too much FF over the past months so I cannot give a very accurate answer to your first question. What i have seen is that the action is slightly less then months ago, when it comes to how many entrees the pools have, but im not that much up to date here.

    You might be able to get more people responding to your question on discord, as i am sure there are many active members playing on party in games PLO 25 – PLO 200.

    All the best!

    Lets Crush the games


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