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    Posted by Ethan on August 29, 2022 at 8:36 am

    My name is Ethan Chu and I am a part time poker player. Poker has become my most important hobby.

    I started playing NLHE online by lowest stake. Starting $0.1/0.2 level with $50 bankroll. After 339 days effort. I have my first 10k Bankroll and start to play NL200. Luckily, I make second $10K in 183 days later and third 10K in 53days. However, I feel really tired playing poker everyday. I do not want to play any more and maybe afraid losing. I cannot moving up cause my skills cannot support me. So I find a job and play poker for fun. After two years, I watch some PLO videos online and learn the basics. I played a private PLO game two month ago. It is like $2/4 game but no limit buying. A maniac fish jams preflop 600BB with KKxx and I have AAxx. Luckily I hold. I won $20k in a month then the game broke. I started to play PLO Zoom 200 on GG poker and found that my skills is too weak to beat them. I really want to improve my PLO ability.

    My purpose: finish 10 weeks PLO transformation in 5 weeks.


    Crush PLO 2/5 in one year

    Crush PLO 5/10 in two years

    Crush PLO 10/20 in three years

    Keep learning and do not give up

    Try my best

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