De ongelooflijke reis! ( Incredible journey)

  • De ongelooflijke reis! ( Incredible journey)

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    June 26, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    About time to start writing a blog.

    My name is Agop(call name), I am an old Armenian guy, living in The Netherlands. Know as Gnome_0 on twitch .

    My English language isn’t one of my strong chapter. Just trying to write this blog for a big part with google translate 🙂

    Graduated in electrical engineering (level 1) and ICT (level 3)

    My normal life is work either full-time or part time.
    I have worked for years as a postman for PostNL 😃. It fitted well in my life because I worked part time and the work start late in the morning.

    Before the Coivd19 measures I had a meeting with a government company (Rijkswaterstaat) and it was a good meeting, they were positive about me. (due the measures either postponed or canceled )

    I’m playing poker for 12-13 years already, mostly NLH and always for fun. I was playing live poker and online poker.
    We had every Monday evening live (unlimited) rebuy tournament.

    Also on Wednesday evening but the buy in is higher and it’s 1R1A. Very cool and looking back I am now like, wow I played that limit! (monkaS)

    One time I reached the final table (reached many times FT after this one), we were 3handed very deep and after 2,5hours we decided to split the prizepool into 3 players. Good deal!

    I also like recreational cycling and I had gone by bicycle to the tournament as usual, even when it’s raining.

    After the final table, cycling home at night, where the empty streets are illuminated in the dark by the streetlights, it felt so good, I had the feeling this is gonna be my life, like I found the missing piece and from that moment on I have included poker as a part of my life!

    How I get in touch with poker?
    I get in touch with poker after a friend from a football club brought me to a pub for a homegame poker tournament. Yeah that was really fun. I didn’t know anything about poker but the handranking LOL, also wasn’t aware about the tables.
    For so far I remember there were 9 table and we were down to 3 or 4, not bad for the first time right 🙂
    If I could realize that…I mean, I wouldn’t be so sad for the next days after. LOL. I was like…damn my whole 20 euro is gone.. Yeah this sounds dramatic but it was my first real poker tournament
    (there before we had poker TV shows running on the channel Veronica, this did not last long and that was actually my first poker discovery
    and didn’t think about play poker because it wasn’t popular and didn’t know where we can play. But I like it and watched every episode )

    Few months or a year later I came in touch with the online poker and that was a really fascinating moment for me.
    I was a student at a highshool MBO (ICT)
    (English: Vocational education and training (VET)
    And working on a study project. The tutor created a team together and there we are, sitting and working on the laptop in a apart room .

    After a hour or so, I noticed from my side view something like a game on the laptop from a another student, it looks like a game but this was a different one, never seen before.

    I didn’t care about the privacy and make a move to sit closer to him.
    That guy wasn’t a friend but he is a good guy, I know him.
    I asked him, is this poker, are you playing poker?
    And he was playing one table Pokerstars cashgame! (which limit I don’t know, wasn’t aware of the blinds, 0,50/1 or 0,01/0,02)
    I keep him asking a lot of questions about how this works and what this is etc.
    5 or 7 min later he became a little bit frustrated because he didn’t want to reply my question and I didn’t understand that, I thought that I was annoying to him or something else until I saw that he was losing a lot of money LOL 😆
    I pick up my laptop and moved to the other side of the room 😆😅

    (Yes, this happened in a highschool, we were working with a different school system.)

    So I began with online poker and played mostly for fun and through the year I wanted to be a pro.

    Why did I buy this course? Poker is a part of my life and poker is a way of life. It’s a match!

    The skills and the psychology in poker is equal because we have skills and we have emotions.

    At the begin it was only for fun. Then some years later I loved the game more and more and wanted to play better, to become a pro as I have poker included in my life!

    I won through a satellite (unlimited rebuy+1addon) a ticket to the Big $109 on pokerstars, paid totally 8dollar and
    finished place 18th. Biggest online poker score ever!

    I was of course happy (didn’t know this is a form of tilt) and keep saying, yeah I am a pro now. Didn’t know how poker really works, so played a lot sng multitable, made almost 1k total and I lost all the winning + my bankroll in the next month.

    I bought a course, to improve and become a better poker player (another site), grind a lot, and still it didn’t work out. I have probably set to much pressure on myself.

    Also there was a another important factor that it didn’t work out: I faced some hard lines in my life. Not going further in this because it’s in the past! 😉

    (And everyone will face sometimes hard lines in the life!) All I want to say that it’s good some things happen to you as long as you learn from it and move forward!

    Oh, I ask why I bought this course? 🙂 Since few months ago I discovered PLO and really like it. I played almost every hand that I get dealt🙃.

    I like this format because there is a lot of action and for my feeling a lot of better poker play then NHL. OK not always because players are sometimes playing trash PLO hands but its still better because we have a strong backup hands and equity’s running closer and that makes the format so thrilling!

    So I bought this course to learn, understand the game, how it works, what it needs to crush!

    Now My Goals:

    Long term goal,

    the vision:


    Moving up from Micros to crush the mid-stake limit.

    My vision isn’t to become a pro, because that won’t help me. I mean if I focus to much on what I want, instead of working for what I want, then my mind will be quickly disappointed/result-oriented because I don’t see or the result are not what I expected.

    Working fulltime or parttime when the measures are over and also play poker, is fine to me!

    No clue about tournaments. Will see what and how far I come with the cash games

    Short term goal to make long term goal achievable, updating every week or 2 :

    6max cashgame

    Learn the syntax, which hand is what? (For example when is a hand a Rundown or A suited double-ragged?)

    Using the PLO Trainer to practice preflop:


    Facing raise

    Facing 3bet

    Filter bucket list for the hands that has most wrong answer, restart with the new filter.

    Course plan:

    • Launchpad course – Done
    • Escape the Micros – finished S1, Currently S2E5
    • Crushing Small Stakes PLO + single raised pot
    • multiway 3-Bet Pots + 3bet blueprint
    • 10 week transformation

    Haven’t set Volume goal. This will be in the next week or 2weeks. Need to practice a lot with the preflop actions and postflop play!

    Also I want to practice for a bit with the software hm3, I know that the sample I have (see pictures) is to little but its to practice with and to have a little bit idea about my play.

    Escape the Micro is a good course for me to start with the PLO journey 😄

    Below poker stats, self assessment, daily goals

    Pokerstars PLO stats plo2-plo10

    Partypoker PLO stats plo5

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    June 28, 2020 at 9:51 pm


    This week is going to be a full week of only studying.

    Currently finished S2E9 Escape the Micros

    I have divided the goals for this week over the days:

    PLO trainer
    More practice RFI


    New practice
    RFI and facing 3bet

    UTG vs MP

    PLO played hand HUD Practice HM3 (VPIP/PFR/3bet/F3b)

    3x Workouts is also planned this week (Mon-Wed-Fri)

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  • Adelaney

    June 29, 2020 at 9:15 am

    Thanks for sharing your story Agop!

    We’ve spoken a lot privately but glad to see that you are making progress and continuing to work hard at it every day!

    Best of luck with the studying this week and as usual if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to message me!

    Look forward to reading a further update as to how the week of studying went for you!

    Good luck!

    • POKON

      June 29, 2020 at 1:49 pm

      Thanks! SmileThumbsup


    July 4, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    Last week I took too much hay on my fork with the PLO training and hud setting in the software HM3

    This is my new plan for this week.

    Going start with the CSSPLO Course this week + starting over again with the RFI hands: UTG/MP/CO/BTN/ – SBfacingRaise and this time training 200hands each seat instead of 1k

    With this 200hands each seat I can train 2 RFI seats each day, see the schedule.

    (The Course Escape the Micros is set to pause for now. S2E7)

    Also going to play this week a small pokersession. To see how far I am and to stay in touch with the gameflow.

    Pokerstars and Partypoker PLO5

    (BetOnlinePoker will have to wait for a week or so. Deposits issue’s, but I have that already figured out and the plan is to deposit $150,- )

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    August 5, 2020 at 9:20 am

    Back on track!

    Last few weeks wasn’t feeling good (infection)

    Going to make a recap this week of the course that I have watched and grinding poker next week to the fullest!

    PLO that matters

    Rise and Grind!

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    December 30, 2020 at 10:17 am

    It’s been a while since I was here! Had many difficult but also annoying obstacles along the way.
    Didn’t get to study PLO and play PLO cash games

    I was worried about losing the joy in poker and generally getting lost!

    In retrospect it is good and I am glad that this happened, because the experience you gain is a life lesson! Reinvented myself!

    This quote comes from a football club in Netherlands, Feyenoord. I am not a feyenoord fan but I am a fan of their motivational text: Vision on the future, respect for the past!

    I’m going to pick this PLO/study again and I’m looking forward to it. In the past few weeks I have already played a bit at pokerstars and followed the study here. Went well and going well!

    My goal for now is to follow a course and learn.
    Train hands with the PLO software. RFI preflop and 3bets preflop.
    Analyzing hands from the past week and from a few months ago.

    From January 2, I will also add this goal:
    Play 200 hands every day at 1 table at limit PLO5. (I have already downloaded the excel track file from here)
    I’m going to do that every other day on pokerstars and party poker
    Depending on how the progress runs, I change this number of hands to higher or lower.

    I’m going to do my best, and I believe in it!

    thanks for reading and goodluck!

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    January 10, 2021 at 11:49 am

    Result from last week. (Partypoker and Pokerstars)

    Overall, I am happy with this. When I look back on last year and this year, the stats look a bit better now, even if it’s a small sample and only played for a week

    The only thing that changes is that I now understand how it works.

    Prepare yourself for playing and train yourself (body and mind) and practice, practice and practice more, and that includes PLO poker, practice, practice and more practice (PLO Trainer / HM3 / Coursevideos)

    Tracking hands, I’m going to change the number of hands played to the number of hours in the coming weeks.

    First I would to explain how and why this change I made: Friday 8/jan/21 in the Discord chat, Tom Smeets gave me a really good advice after I asked something about handhistory and playing xx hands in a session.

    He said to use timers instead of checking how many hands you have played, and to set it so that you have breaks in your session.

    I can say this really helps! Following the timer and when it beeps make so easy for me to take break and play again after 5min!

    9/jan/21 I have applied his advice. See Accountability Sheet.We can see in the Accountability Sheet that his advice works well! That’s why I’m making this change

    So next 3 weeks I am going to play hours instead of playing hands at 2 tables., also doing hh analyze and study/practice with HM3 and PLO trainer!

    Practice makes better!

    Thanks for reading!

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    January 19, 2021 at 9:40 pm

    short update

    Broke at Partypoker, 14 jan 21 didnt go wel in the session. Faced players with trashhands and couldn’t deal that after few losing hands. Rivered against them every time. That fucked up my mind and my BR for a big part. For example this hand:
    Hand Replayer | PLO Mastermind

    Played again today and very short session because had again same bad beat
    Hand Replayer | PLO Mastermind

    I know this is a part of poker yeah, but this fucked it up, so for me no PP atm!

    The good thing is that I could stop early then 2 hours session, I mean the session durations are set on 2 hours grind, so also on 14 Jan 21 but as I said, I stopped playing early.

    Session duration: 01:23:35 (h/m/s)

    Using a timer is a good thing, It does help to force myself to quit playing poker when the timer notification beeps. Without timer I would probably keep playing until I won everything or lost everything. I was really upset that I decide to not complete the 2hours.

    On PokerStars it’s going reasonable. That is because of their hud and friendly software. Easy to play and make notes and with that I am more aware and focused. Making note is important, it helps to keep my mind cool.

    PP is on that area the worst, nothing to focus the table and making easy notes!

    Even if I wasn’t broke, I don’t like their software, Handhistory isnt loading properly and they doesnt have PLO cashgames in MyHands handhistory!

    picture is partypoker stats. On pokerstars is in few weeks because the grind goes well.

    ps: Closing this topic because of ‘lag’ in this forum. Can’t read it properly

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    January 30, 2021 at 8:50 am


    Thanks for the bug fix, this read now better 😀

    Well I have good news, I have reached finally 10k PLO poker hands (pokerstars)

    Generally I have more played poker hands but this is different. Not only because it’s PLO hands but also because I have improved. It’s just different, something changed, in a good way. Don’t know how to explain this.

    But ok, This means I’ve now reasonable sample to find my leak, and to see where I need to improve.(see picture).

    PLO Trainer has helped me a lot and and with this data I have better insight to train / improve in specific situations per position.

    The aim for the next 2 days is to work on this, with this data, going to watch course videos, train/analyze hands with tracker and using plo trainer

    For today I have also planned to grind 3 hours but with this bankroll I will skip it to monday.

    One of my goals is also to plan daily goals better and more effectively so that I can do more.

    (See picture)

    New goals have been created (see above) but not yet listed.

    Yeah can’t wait to work on my stats and finding leak. 😄

    Will share the list next week

    Thanks for reading

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    January 31, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Goals are listed (see picture)

    I am moving down to stakes and playing shortstack. Reason is because I feel slightly uncomfortable now with this bankroll.I mean I am not scared but just found out this is better. Especially after seeing my HH stats

    It’s just being aware of the variation and has to be realistic with this bankroll.

    I think that is ok. Play more Practice more Enjoy more.

    Now about my hh stats, played now 10k hands at pokerstars.

    I have figured out my SB stats with HM3 tracker and found out huge leak.

    To much flatcall from EP/MP players, checkfolding on the flop quite a lot. This is the reason why I move down and playing shortstack. Need to learn and practice more.

    And I am not finished yet. That is why I am not grinding tomorrow. Need to have fix this and put more work in!

    Let’s do it!


    February 7, 2021 at 4:56 pm

    Hola peeps,

    time for another update

    since I have moved down to stake plo2 and playing shortstack I wasn’t aware of the big difference between plo5 and plo2

    As you see in the graph I had a good session in the first 500hands, then it didnt go well. This happened because I decided to open 4 tables and grind it to 1k playing hands, because I have skipped it on wednesday.
    I managed it to play 500 hands and took break, dinnerbreak. And gladly this dinnerbreak was a good break to me, because at that moment I was asking question to myself, what is happening, why, how could this happens etc etc. So what happened next, I keep yelling while playing this : TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! 🤣 and guess what, it worked! I became more aware at the table and played my A-Game

    PLO2 is really wide and different from PLO5, that is why we should and I did, play tighter!

    Good lessons!

    Staying at this stake limit for one more week and re evulate it next week.

    Still need to be more consistent with study/checking handhistory and training more with plo tool. Need just to figure out how to set schedule properly but I think this is just fine.

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    February 12, 2021 at 2:38 pm


    Well I have to say this doesn’t always work. Yelling tight !

    Tiltfactor is huge because so many trashcards are getting there!

    But I see a pattern here as to why some times tilts are worse than others.

    The preparation is different. Few weeks ago I had the same with partypoker and today, yesterday at pokerstars I noticed it. It’s cleary to me,now!, preparation should be always good and ready. And that is what I not did yesterday and today!

    Lessons learned 😓

    Well, I’m going to try this fix this!

    It’s ony over when it’s over!

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    February 15, 2021 at 9:49 am


    So it’s true, good preparation is the half of the work. Or in Dutch because my english still sucks and I am so lazy to use translator

    Een goed begin is het halve werk!

    My game on saturday went so much better. Also had some luck but also played tight game.

    Because of this bad mindset last week, I decide to stay at this stake level to work on my mindset. This stake is imo good to gain badbeats for the mindset. To gain a lot of ‘ wtf ‘ moments. But it’s also good to learn more about plo hands and situation. Where to 3bet or just call.

    Currently staying at this stake for 2 weeks + practing with the plo tool for plo simulations + watching the course CSSPLO

    thanks for reading


    February 20, 2021 at 9:05 pm


    Short update

    Still grinding plo2 and this week been good, worked very hard on my mentality + played very tight.

    See graph for only this week.

    I am going to take a rest for now and the next day I’m going to see how it went all week (Handhistory analyze, reflections)

    Pictures: graph of this week


    February 28, 2021 at 8:45 am


    I managed to complete the month of February and stay consistent in improving myself and in poker.

    Moved this month down in stake to PLO2 from PLO5. because of my bad play which was also bad for my bankroll.

    Well in the graph you can see it went slighty worser. The reason of this is because I didn’t adjust my game to this level, faced so many bad beats to ‘ wtf’ hands from the opponents, and because of that, my mind was also fucked up.

    But midway the grind, like you can read it back in few post above, I was thinking about this and remember the Golden Rule from JNandez course in escape the micro. And decided to watch the course again. Good to rewatch again, to me is this better because I am more a guy that need practice and theory.

    The result graph in the picture doesn’t mean I am winning player. I see it as a improvement and I feel it also.

    Midway the grind I started also to watch Mental Game course. Really good course that helps and also in good moment, because as I said I am more the guy that need practice and theory

    The goal is still moving up in stakes but to get there I need to learn a lot about PLO.

    So this is what I am gonna do:

    Watching the course:

    Mental Game (with excerise practice)

    CSSPLO (already started, finished the preflop section)

    GTOBits (Not really needed atm because of microstakes but preparing already for a bit)

    PLO Trainer:

    Training a lot with PLO trainer, need to HAVE 🙂 learn which hands to 3bet (there is the biggest leak)


    reviewing a lot of played hands and making notes.


    Still staying on PLO2 and maybe sometimes shot to PLO5.

    I am also going to open a new blog, somewhere this week.

    Better overview about my goals and vision. This one was my really first blog and yeah looks good I hope but could be better. 😁

    thanks for reading and see you in the new blog ✌🏽

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