The Rules of the Game

JNandez | 3 mins

Let’s start out by going over the structural rules of Pot Limit Omaha

How to Calculate the Pot Size

JNandez | 3 mins

Being able to calculate the pot size in PLO is simple once you understand how it’s done.

Preflop Combinatorics and Hand Strength

JNandez | 13 mins

Comparison of PLO preflop combinatorics compared to NLHE

How to Play Double-Suited Rundowns Preflop

JNandez | 26 mins

Strength evaluation and preflop strategy tips for double-suited rundowns.

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Dual Reviews

PLO 1000-2000 Review on GGPoker

JNandez and Suhepx | 55 mins

JNandez reviews a session Suhepx played at PLO $1000 and PLO $2000 on GGPoker

Playing against Loose Passive opponents at PLO 100

Luuk and Shuller | 64 mins

Suhepx reviews a session Luuk played at PLO $100 on Poker Stars

PLO Play and Explains

Deepstacked 3-tabling at PLO $500

JNandez | 64 mins

At least 300bbs deep on every table on a Sunday at partypoker

3-Bet Pots and PLO 100 FastForward

Luuk | 32 mins

Luuk reviews small stakes PLO footage and analyzes a few key decisions with GTO software

Crushing PLO 2000 Episode 1

Shuller | 44 mins

Alexey reviews sessions played at high stakes PLO on Poker Stars

PLO 500 Zoom on PokerStars vs Shuller & Sauce

Suhepx | 44 mins

Fabian talks about playing against strong PLO players

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