Join CoinPoker through the PLO Mastermind to get access to an exclusive leaderboard with cash and non-cash prizes.

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Join CoinPoker through the PLO Mastermind to get access to an exclusive leaderboard with monthly cash and non-cash prizes.



Register for your CoinPoker account and use Referral Code: JNANDEZ


Fill the form below to submit your player account, leaderboard alias and e-mail address for contacting you.


Earn leaderboard points and win your monthly share of $2,000, coaching, and more prizes.

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CoinPoker Application (#18)


June 2024

May Winners

  1. Sepp 250 USDT 
  2. nico 250 USDT
  3. Snagfrag 250 USDT
  4. Ringosnuff 250 USDT
  5. cleo 200 USDT
  6. LukaMagic 200 USDT
  7. dybalalajoya 150 USDT
  8. l2h 150 USDT
  9. barney12 100 USDT
  10. Loazhen 100 USDT

    Monthly Lottery Winner: barney12 100 USDT


Most frequent questions and answers

Am I eligible to participate from any country?

Yes, CoinPoker is available worldwide and you can participate in CoinPoker Leaderboards from any country, as long as you have a successfully linked player account.

Do I need to write in a referral code?

Yes, please use referral code: JNANDEZ

That will expedite and improve the chances of your account getting linked.

Do I need to have an active PLO Mastermind subscription to join CoinPoker Leaderboards?

No, you don’t need to be a PLO Mastermind member. You simply need to link your CoinPoker account in order to participate.

Will I still be eligible for site promotions after linking my account?

Yes! Linking your account won’t exclude you from any of the regular CoinPoker promotions. It’s all just free, extra rewards at no extra cost to you.

How long does it take to know if I linked my account?

Please allow up to 3 weekdays for us to confirm your account. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, feel free to reach out to [email protected] along with your CoinPoker username and creation date.

How does the CoinPoker Leaderboard work?

A linked player will earn CoinPoker Leaderboard points based on the rake generated on CoinPoker. Participating players consent for their CoinPoker rake data be collected and shared with the PLO Mastermind with the purpose to determine the leaderboard results on a monthly basis.

Every $1 of rake contributed by a linked player equals 10 Leaderboard Points.

How do I get notified and receive my cash prize?

Cash USDT prizes will be deposited directly into participating CoinPoker player accounts within the first two weeks of each month after each month’s leaderboard has been finalized.

Winners will be contacted via e-mail and their alias announced in our Discord channel #coinpoker

How do I get notified and receive my coaching prize?

Coaching winners will be contacted via email so that they can schedule the best time to receive their 1-on-1 coaching session with JNandez.

Terms of Participation

GTO AG reserves the right to adjust or cancel any or all of their promotions at any time or exclude any player.

If a player wishes to revoke the permission of the poker operator sharing his login, play and result stats, please inform both the poker operator via their support emails and GTO AG at [email protected]

The CoinPoker Leaderboards program is an affiliate program. Poker site operators have internal rules regarding affiliates, typically limiting players to belonging to a single affiliate at any given time. Once a player account is linked, only poker site operators can modify the affiliate relationship. We are not able to facilitate this process. Please contact them directly to receive assistance regarding your linked account.

Do I need to apply to Black Card if I am a former VIP Rewards Member?

All VIP Rewards members were automatically enrolled in the Black Card program and don’t need to apply again.

Welcome, you are in!