How to use 5-Card PLO Trainer: A Detailed Guide


The 5-card PLO Trainer revolutionizes 5-Card PLO strategy with its cloud-based software, offering immediate access to a vast array of pre-flop and post-flop GTO solutions. 

We’ve dedicated years to running extensive poker sims, compiling a comprehensive database that you can now access effortlessly through this tool. As a poker player, you no longer need to invest countless hours and resources in running numerous scenarios and simulations – a process that is both time-consuming and expensive. 

Just like the 4-Card PLO Trainer, the 5-Card PLO Trainer is an all-encompassing platform suitable for players of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features make learning 5-Card PLO more accessible than ever. The best part? It’s all available directly in your web browser, with no need for any downloads.

Let’s delve into how you can maximize the benefits of the PLO Trainer software.

Preflop Navigation

To begin with the PLO Trainer, start by selecting the specific segment of the game tree you’re interested in exploring. We have an extensive collection of preflop simulations for 6-max games, as well as comprehensive data for heads-up play. 

Navigating through the 5-Card PLO Trainer is straightforward and intuitive. Use the action buttons located below the virtual poker table to go through the simulation. This process allows you to reach the exact point in the game tree you wish to examine. Once you arrive at your desired spot, you have two options: ‘train’ or ‘show’.

Clicking on ‘show’ unveils the GTO ranges relevant to that particular scenario. Our user-friendly format makes it easy to browse through this information, providing clear guidance on optimal play for that specific situation. 

Hand Categories

The PLO Trainer efficiently organizes the complex array of hand combinations provided by solvers into clear, manageable categories. This approach simplifies the information, making it easier to understand and remember important strategies related to your hand. 

Each hand is also assigned a weight, offering insight into its relative importance. For deeper strategic analysis, you can explore high-level categories that have been developed by our poker coaches to understand the nuances of different hand ranges, enhancing your decision-making skills in PLO.

Range View

In the range section of the 5-Card PLO Trainer, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of every hand combination, along with strategic recommendations on whether to raise, fold, or call. 

This area is enriched with additional columns that provide key insights, such as the Expected Value (EV) of each action and the frequency of its application (indicating whether a mixed strategy is in play). This feature is instrumental in understanding the potential cost of errors, helping you distinguish between minor missteps and significant blunders.

The PLO Trainer also includes a dynamic filter function in the range view. For instance, if you’re looking to understand strategies involving pocket Aces (AA), simply enter AA in the filter bar to view all relevant hand combinations. 


The training function in PLO Trainer is where theory meets practice. By clicking on this feature, you’re able to simulate real-game situations based on the strategies you’ve just learned. 

It’s an interactive experience where PLO Trainer evaluates your actions, providing feedback on whether your decision was optimal, the Expected Value (EV) of alternative actions, and the EV loss for incorrect choices. This hands-on approach helps cement your understanding of PLO strategies in practical scenarios.

Flop Navigation

In this section, you can adjust multiple variables to suit your study needs. These include stack depth, the nature of the pot (be it single raised, 3, or 4-bet pots), and the positions involved in the hand. 

An exciting feature of the post-flop module is the ability to choose specific flop types to focus on. Whether you’re interested in dissecting paired flops, straight boards, or other unique flop characteristics, the PLO Trainer’s filtering options provide a streamlined approach to select the exact flop scenarios you want to analyze.


New! Multi-Way 5-Card PLO Solutions

We’re excited to announce we have released the first set of multi-way 5-card PLO solutions on the 5-card PLO Trainer. We’ve added 100bb solutions where the cutoff raises, the button makes the cold-call, the big blind defends, and we go 3-way into the flop.

Currently 39 flops have been added, including paired, unpaired, and straight flops, and we will be adding more over time. Multiway 3-bet pot solutions will also be added this year.

Click here to check them out!

Strength Buckets

In the post-flop section of the PLO Trainer, you’ll encounter ‘strength buckets’, a refinement from preflop hand categories. These buckets classify hands based on their strength, showing you the ideal action for each hand type. 

This feature is invaluable for deepening your understanding of how different cards affect your strategy, such as playing a top set, and what side cards make us bet or check.

Turns & Rivers

Progressing deeper into the PLO Trainer’s game tree to explore turns and rivers is a straightforward process. Begin by defining your action on the flop – for example, by selecting ‘bet’ and then ‘call’. 

Following this, the Trainer prompts you to choose a turn card. This action transports you to the subsequent stage in the game tree, mirroring the navigation and data accessibility you experienced with the flop.


The 5-Card PLO Trainer is more than just software; it’s a comprehensive pathway to mastering 5-Card PLO. From preflop strategies to complex post-flop scenarios, the PLO Trainer equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this dynamic and challenging game.

The intuitive interface, coupled with detailed analyses of hand ranges, strength buckets, and real-time training simulations, offers a learning experience that is both thorough and accessible to players of all levels.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your approach to 5-Card PLO and join the ranks of players who have found success at the tables through strategic learning and continuous improvement. The journey to becoming a Pot Limit Omaha expert begins with the PLO Trainer as your guide.

As a PLO poker pro I've coached a lot of players, developed high-quality learning programs, and wrote a book about Mastering Small Stakes PLO. I love helping players figure out the game, transform their minds, and achieve success in life and poker.


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