Not 4, Not 5, but 6-Card PLO Baby!


After the introduction of the popular 5-card Omaha variant in some poker sites, another card has been introduced into the mix! More combinations, beautiful starting hands, and mad setups will make you not want to miss out on this exciting 6-card game!


There are four main reasons why the game’s popularity will most likely increase in the near future:

1. There’s a lot of money to be made when a game is relatively new. 

A new format or game offers an opportunity for early adapters to gain an edge over the competition mainly through experience and without the help of solvers and other training tools available to the population.

2. The lack of ‘solved’ training material available online. 

Transitioning from 4-card to 5-card PLO took over 2.5 years before applicable conclusions were drawn from the solver for this new format. 

Adding the sixth card increases starting hands to over 20 million combinations compared to just over 2 million in 5-card. That’s a whopping 10x more, making it likely that it will take at least this amount of time again before solvers start catching up.This might bring an increased feeling of a level-playing field and a more fun experience in general!

3. The action the game generates. 

6-Card PLO naturally attracts the gambling type and a lot of tables are played with an ante to increase the action even further. Players who have trouble folding six hands in a row will find a starting hand matching their opening needs rather quickly. 

The crazy part is that equities run so close pre-flop in 6-card PLO that even against the best double-suited Aces, a random trash hand holds between 35 and 40% equity. The real trouble starts with realizing equity and being able to bet such weak hands for value post-flop. 

4. And of course, the fun.

Once you’ve played a few orbits you’ll realize why this game is already a hit both online and live. When the following starting hands don’t have an effect on your happiness, this game is not for you!

While equities run close pre-flop and some all-in matchups are (close to) flipping, there will be times when you’ll have your opponent completely crushed with 80 or even 90%+ equity. This tends to happen when players are overvaluing their hands which can easily be done by having six hole cards to choose from. 

Therefore, the fun doesn’t just come from sexy starting hands but also from dominating opponents and being able to make good money as a result. And that’s where your edge comes in.


Your edge will primarily increase while playing and gaining experience. Since it’s not clear what the GTO lines should be, we need to think about strategies that work in our favor, and what on the other hand must be wrong. This way we can improve our overall game and exploit opponents. 

Drawing logical conclusions from 4- and 5-card PLO and the differences between these formats can help. Here are a few tips on how to play to get a kickstart in 6-Card Omaha.

Choose strong starting hands.

Preflop selection is where it all starts. Which hands should be open-raised and what hands to call with, both in and out of position? Don’t be fooled by the ‘equities run close’-fallacy. Although it’s true, you should consider the realizability of a hand’s equity. Logically, the more hole cards players are dealt, the stronger the average made hand will be on the river. 

Moreover, the majority of hands are played multiway. Therefore you should be focused on selecting strong hands preflop. These are often multi-component and preferably non-gappers as well as nutted. 

If you’re holding a Queen-high flush draw it won’t be strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure since opponents will have the dominating hand so often, but is also relatively thin to bet for value. When playing nutted hands with strong additional components you’re a lot more likely to realize its equity, and playability differs day and night.

Use position to your advantage.

In 6-card PLO position matters even more compared to 5-card. This results in 3-betting tighter from out of position since we have a harder time realizing our equity postflop. So there will be many boards that we need to check and give up. 

Each player simply needs to give opponents a lot more credit compared to 4-card PLO for example, so make sure not to be hero-calling too lightly as it can be a very costly leak. That said, we can start playing wider when playing in position. Especially in ante games, you’re more incentivized to battle for the pot. 

Keep a close eye on the strategy of the blinds when attacking them from a late position and whether they adjust. If they stay passive, push the gas pedal. When they’re fighting back, adjust, but remember you’ll have the positional advantage postflop.

Don’t over-value your pocket Aces.

Playing Aces too fast preflop in 6-card is suicide. Analyzing how Aces are matching up against an opponent’s full range we find that it has 66% equity in 4-card PLO, 60% in 5-card, and only 57% in 6-card. 

Make sure to split your Aces between a fast-playing range (worth getting your stack in) and the rest in a passive way. The additional components of the hand should give you guidance on which line is likely optimal. 

For example, a hand containing Aces might take the fast-route playing out of position to minimize that disadvantage, whereas if it were in position, just calling would be best. And also worth considering is that the more players that will likely see the flop, the tighter you want to be when holding Aces. 

Don’t get me wrong, Aces are still beautiful! Passive lines need to be mixed in and I’m sure you’ll feel the appreciation when opponents are crushed holding set over set or with an overpair and dominating flush draw(s).


6-card PLO is a relatively new and popular format. It’s very likely that this game will increase in popularity due to the opportunities such a new game brings forward, its gambling aspect, and the lack of solvers for the time being. Make sure to gain experience, adjust your PLO Strategy well and start crushing your opponents. 

With an edge, you’ll increase the fun and your bankroll too!

If you like to play the great game of 6-card Pot Limit Omaha, join our Discord and send me a message @TomSmeets#5554. 

I have been into online poker for about 17 years and I’m still passionate about the game! I am currently the Affiliate Manager for PLO Mastermind. My main area of expertise is the decisions on ‘where to play’ and under which conditions.


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