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Game Theory, also known as GTO, refers to the framework for making optimal decisions in poker. From simple things like choosing the right starting hands, to the more complex like bet sizing or bluffing, game theory can help you make the best move and can protect you from getting exploited.

Game theory is based on math. Poker ‘solvers’ get GTO strategies by playing out hands across all possible scenarios and adding the total results in terms of chips won or lost, calculating the average chips won or lost for each combination.

The problem with the Game Theory Killer

Following reads and gut feelings sounds less complicated than studying GTO strategies. The issue with basing your strategy solely on your personal experience, is that it will be heavily biased.

While your goal shouldn’t be to play GTO, if you’re not familiar with it, it’ll be much harder to tell if the play you’re making is the best play or not. If your strategy is fundamentally wrong, you end up losing more money in the long run. Additionally, if an opponent spots mistakes in your game, they will easily make money off you by adjusting their strategy to exploit your weakness.

"Without GTO, it'll be much harder to tell if you're making the right play"

How does this problem manifest itself? Players without a GTO understanding tend to focus too much on the hand that they have, because they don’t have a strong theoretical base. For example, you might look at your hand and think it is not strong enough to bet, but you can easily be forgetting to think about how strong the entire range of hands you have in a situation, and how tough it will be for your opponent to fight back. By narrowing your focus solely on what you’re holding, you’re simply missing out on too many opportunities to make more money.

Learning GTO is the point where you stop gambling and playing feel poker, and you start playing the game for real. That said, it’s worth repeating, the goal is not to ‘play GTO’, it’s to understand it, and use it as a basis for your decisions and adjustments.

Here's what you can do about it

In today’s poker environment, poker software plays a huge role in the creation and training of game theory optimal strategies. Poker solvers are powerful programs that come up with GTO solutions by running a huge number of simulations and determining the expected value of each action. 

Working with GTO is not about memorizing thousands of models, it’s about understanding the principles behind the patterns that emerge, testing them out at the tables, and continually developing your game. Our goal is not to follow GTO blindly. We use it as a framework to find our highest EV strategy, and think about how it might change based on our opponent’s behavior. For example, if our opponent is folding a lot against 3-bets, we are going to 3-bet more, without overdoing it.

How to learn GTO with a solver:

Understand how GTO is built. What hands are bluff-catching, and what hands are going for what kind of sizing. Why are the mechanics built the way they are built. Spot how players are deviating from it, and then exploit that in an intelligent fashion. 

Remember, your opponents will not be playing GTO. No one can, because humans cannot implement such a complex strategy. That said, by recognizing how your opponents are deviating from the GTO standard, you’ll be able to identify their leaks and take the correct actions to profit from them.

How to use GTO to exploit weak players and find your optimal strategy:

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