Based on your answers, your #1 problem right now
is Planning.

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Planning is all about off-table tactics to boost your edge, minimize your risk, and maximizing your win rate. Poker is a game of incomplete information, and while you can’t control the cards you’re dealt or the outcomes of any hand, it pays off to plan out all the variables you can control.

The best poker players don’t just have a great understanding of poker strategy, they also choose conditions where they can earn the most money. There’s a much better chance you’ll play your best game if you’re organized and well prepared.

The problem with the Planning Killer

Making the wrong off-table decisions means you are lowering your chances of long-term, sustainable poker success.

If you want to earn money playing poker, you need to make sure to play in a game you can beat. You need to be able to evaluate and decide what the right time is to take shots at higher stakes. When you don’t have a specific plan before you go into your session or for your overall progress, it’s easy to base your decisions on emotions and what is happening at the moment. This may affect your performance and trigger incorrect actions at the table. That can trigger tilt, and it all goes downhill from there.

"Decisions made before joining a poker table help minimize the risk of going broke"

If you’re playing with a smaller bankroll than you should or in a higher stake than you ought to, you might lose a couple of buy-ins and start playing too conservatively because you feel like you’ve got too much on the line. That opens your game up to being exploited.

You might be playing too many tables without warming up or not taking enough breaks to replenish yourself and stop from gravitating towards your C-game. Or you might be playing at times where the competition is the toughest, not have an adequate study-to-play ratio, or you’re studying without poker tools or the right data to begin with.

All these elements have a huge impact on your results.

Here's what you can do about it

You can maximize your win rate by paying the least amount of rake or earning variance-free benefits such as rakeback. Your ideal site should offer enough traffic at the times of your scheduled playing sessions.

You can also play a mixture of sites, given the games are great to play in. Think about table selection, and where and when you’ll play. Factor in rake, promotions, and everything related to non-strategy. Play when you are well prepared, when you know that your focus is at its finest and you’re ready to crush the games.

Ask yourself these questions to find your optimal timeslot:

Identify the softest tables. Check the highest average pots when possible, and check the current active players you’ve marked as recreational. All these things have a huge impact on your bottom line and whether or not you make it in poker.

Make sure that you have spent some time studying and improving yourself before you jump into the table. Reading sesion notes or replaying marked hands as a way to warm up for your next session is another way to study your game. A similar routine can be done after a session by including questions that take more time to analyze.

What about your bankroll?

It’s hard to provide generic bankroll advice on how many buy-ins “you need” to be able to play a specific stake. Instead of searching for a universal answer, understand what risk you’re exposing yourself to and play within your means.

Your confidence could be affected by losing streaks that occur naturally, and that might hurt your game. If you had 100 buy-ins in your bankroll and you’d lose 30, could you handle it? Would you be level-headed? Or, would it be too much exposure for your profile? Maybe you require 200 buy-ins because only then you wouldn’t be emotional about it, and you would be able to play your optimal.

And here's how we can help you

Now, you might be wondering how exactly to go about doing all this yourself. Well, the point is that you don’t have to. For years we’ve been helping players like you achieve success in PLO. No matter what your #1 game killer is, we have the right products to back our claim.

Coaches at the top of their game.

The fastest way to get your planning on the right track is by taking sound advice from more seasoned players. Our coaches with years of tactical experience will save you hours of time and work. Additionally, you can interact with our members-only discord channel which is full of avid PLO players who are constantly up to date in poker developments.

A vast library of planning content.

In the PLO Mastermind membership you will find many videos about planning. From topics like time management tools or GGPoker PVI rake, to discussions about taking shots and current poker meta, we cover off-table tactics like no one else in the market. We even have a Poker Ecosystem expert in our Discord channel who can help you find the ideal playing conditions for your specific situation.






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