PLO Trainer Desktop App (Windows only) features

Browsing: load a preflop or postflop solution from our huge PLO sims database and search for any hand, any game node.
Strength buckets chart: use sub-ranges to create your own strength bucket chart. Make ranges visual and easier to comprehend. You can use any of our built-in buckets or create your own.
Range comparison: compare your range with your opponent’s and learn who is doing better within each part of their range.
Equity bucket chart: compare your range with your opponent’s range and learn more about who is having more hands with high, medium and low equity.
Equity graph: compare your range with your opponent’s range using the classic poker equity graph feature.
Board overview: List out all boards in our database in a given game node and quickly learn more about betting frequencies and sizings.
Training: choose your preflop or postflop spot and train yourself to get better.

Manual import: load your preflop or postflop ranges directly from Monkersolver into PLO Trainer to use our exclusively PLO Trainer features
Export Ranges: export ranges from PLO Trainer directly into Monkersolver to run your own sims

Download the latest build from the Downloads page.

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