Mastering Double Board Bomb Pots

Welcome to Mastering Double Board PLO Bomb Pots!

We’re excited to have you here, and to delve deeper into this wonderful and thought-provoking game.

First things first, join the PLO Mastermind Discord server to stay updated and discuss DBBP hands and strategy.

You can use this free PLO equity calculator to set up hands and use the sharing function to start a conversation (enable Double Board in the Settings).

Upcoming Content

Additional content will be published during and after WSOP 2024 by Georg, with the latest findings and more real-world hand examples from both coaches and your peers.

In the upcoming dual Q&A session (date TBD), Georg and JNandez will also go over the key takeaways from hands played and submitted over the summer.

The Q&A will be recorded and added to this course, and you will receive e-mails when the additional content is added.

That’s it! Scroll below to find your e-book and video lessons, and best of luck at the tables!

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