Nothing beats practice

Train your Pot Limit Omaha decision-making and get instant feedback.

Instantly access our simplified GTO preflop and postflop sims, including 175,000+ turn sims which lead to every river possible.

Nothing beats practice

Train your Pot Limit Omaha decision-making and get instant feedback.
Instantly access our preflop and postflop sims, including 135,000 turn sims which lead to every river possible.

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Browse and Train with 195,000+
PLO Solutions

Load any of our simplified presolved scenarios in your browser and browse and action and frequency for each hand in range.

We ran the sims for you so you didn’t have to, and simplified for the most optimal bet sizing and minimal bet sizing options, with minimal EV loss. So you can focus on learning and implementing these strategies into your game.

Preflop PLO Sims

58 preflop cash sims

36 preflop MTT sims

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Postflop PLO Sims

21,000+ flop sims

175,000+ turn sims plus every river

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Turns + Rirvers

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, simply use one of the major browsers, make sure it’s updated, and that you have a good internet connection.

For optimal performance we recommend using Chrome or Brave.

The PLO Trainer Web App is compatible with all operating systems, just make sure to use one of the major browsers and ensure that it is up to date. 

The PLO Trainer is also mobile-friendly, and can be installed as an app-shortcut on your phone.

We have created a document that displays all of the situations and scenarios that currently lead to turns and rivers which you can view here

Once you have opened one of these scenarios in the PLO Trainer Web App if you click the ‘has turns’ option on the board selector you will be presented with all the boards that lead to turns and rivers.

Join our Discord to stay up to date with team announcements and talk directly to the team.

Within the PLO Trainer, click the notifications bell in the top right. This will display in detail release notes for any updates that have been made.

Do not use the PLO Trainer whilst playing and running poker sites. Doing so will result in you receiving a warning from the poker site or worse depending on the terms & conditions a specific site has in place. 

Please always make sure that you completely close the PLO Trainer prior to opening any poker site to avoid putting your account(s) at risk.  

Both PLO apps include access to the same sims.

If you don’t plan to use the more advanced features the PLO Range Explorer app offers, like doing range analysis with your own monker-run sims, you don’t need the PLO Range Explorer.

All PLO Range Explorer subscriptions automatically include PLO Trainer Web App.

The PLO Trainer web app and PLO Range Explorer both contain the same sims data.

You can find the feature comparison here.

To stay updated, join our Discord.

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