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"PLO Mastermind has been an amazing resource and has elevated my understanding, and my results at stakes from 1/2 to 2/5 to 5/5 and 5/10."
Toby Ben
"I’m taking the time now to appreciate how far I’ve come since first joining the Mastermind, when I was a huge losing player at PLO5. I am now having success at PLO25, and looking forward to the future."
"If not for consistently studying with the Mastermind and PLO Trainer I would still be a losing player and I fully recommend both of them for people who are wanting to get serious about the great game."
"I’ve transitioned from full time NL MTT grinding to 80% PLO 200-500 thanks to your program. Just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work!"
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Train With Ultimate Precision

Study GTO Pot Limit Omaha by browsing and training with PLO Trainer. Each scenario features the optimal bet sizing with minimal EV loss so you can focus on implementing winning strategies into your game. No additional software required.


Load ranges and use our preflop categories and postflop strength buckets to improve your understanding.


Practice any preflop or postflop spot and get instant feedback to take your game to the next level.

1M+ Sims For PLO Cash And MTTs

Instantly access any of our 1M+ presolved solutions. Browse and practice preflop, flop, turn, and river. Including 6-Max Cash, Heads Up, MTTs, 8-Max Live PLO, and 6-Max Apps.

Preflop PLO Sims

83 preflop cash sims

65 preflop MTT sims

Postflop PLO Sims


Turns + Rivers

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Our 4-card PLO Coaches

Fernando Habegger


JNandez has coached hundreds of students to take their games to a higher level. He devotes the majority of his time to creating PLO content and playing mid and high stakes PLO cash games anywhere from $10/$20 to $50/$100, and high stakes PLO tournaments. In the 2023 WSOP, JNandez placed 2nd in the $5,000 buy-in NLHE/PLO Mix event #6 for $330,344.

PLO Coach JNandez
Luuk Botter


Luuk Botter aka Mr. Luque has been in the game for over a decade. He was coached by JNandez in 2016 and rose in the community by proving himself an invaluable resource in the PLO coaching and training space. A lot of his focus goes towards understanding fundamentals mixed with focus on how to deviate from GTO based on population tendencies.

Fabian Rigo


Fabian Rigo aka Suhepx is a long-time Mid and High stakes 4-Card & 5-Card PLO professional with a solid understanding of PLO theory. Friendly and charismatic off table, once the cards are dealt he’s a fierce opponent who takes pleasure in inducing mistakes. Known for his creativity and unortodox lines combined with a strong knowledge of GTO, Suhepx will surprise you in every video.

Ryan Kett


F1tz moved up from microstakes to PLO 200 within a year. With hundreds of hours spent with PLO solvers, he brings a unique perspective on what it takes to go from the bottom to making poker a full-time gig. His coaching style is a mix of both theory and exploits and has good skills when it comes to analyizing stats and databases in order to gain an edge/understand how our opponents play.

Curtis Muller


Lokfable likes to focus on a theoretical GTO-based foundation and build logical exploits on top of that. I also try to produce lots of practical content of myself playing as I think PNEs are a great format to learn and improve.In December 2021, he won the EPT Online 13: $2,100 6-max PLO event for $58,450. These days, Lokfable regularly plays up to PLO $5000 stakes.

Shahzaad Natt


Backwash played bridge professionally for a decade, coaching beginners and even competing in the World Championships. He built his PLO bankroll in a few years playing mainly 6-max up to PLO $200. Backwash is known for his winning red-line, an aggressive, exploitative style. These days he focuses exclusively on HU PLO playing mid to high stakes.

Alex Müller


During the pandemic, Alex was focused on online play, specializing in PLO200 and PLO500. In the current landscape, Alex primarily engages in Mid and High stakes live PLO games, skilled in reads & tells, as well as adjusting based on opponents in live games. His videos feature a structured study plan, a guided thread approach for efficient learning.

PLO Coach Alex
Benjamin Voreland


No matter what level you are at, Ben will make a dent in your perspective of poker and is hoping to show you some eye-opening insights to help you succeed. These days, you can find Ben streaming or playing PLO cash games and MTTs. In WSOP 2023, Ben got 4th in the $1,500 PLO Bracelet event #34, good for a $98,575 score.

Alexey Altshuller


Shuller is a well-known crusher who’s been beating online mid and high stakes 4-card PLO for many years. He enjoys picking his opponents apart and staying ahead of the game. His ability to articulate PLO concepts and understanding of how and why to make certain plays makes for next level content. By mixing street poker with actual GTO knowledge, Shuller will give you the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 4-card PLO membership gives you access to the 4-card PLO Mastermind videos and the 4-card PLO Trainer web app. Currently, you also get access to the available 6-Card PLO content as a bonus. The 4-Card PLO membership does not grant access to PLO Range Explorer, or to any 5-Card PLO videos or software.

Videos and Quizzes: The PLO Mastermind includes unlimited access to all our courses and content library (900+ PLO strategy videos and 350+ quizzes). Videos are not downloadable.

Downloads: Access to Preflop Charts, Postflop Shortcuts, and other Downloadable resources.

Discord: Access to multiple exclusive member channels to interact with PLO Mastermind members, coaches, and our support team. Also, the #preflop-helper bot channel.

A monthly membership lasts for a 1-month period (e.g if you sign up June 1st your subscription will renew July 1st), while yearly memberships last 365 days.

No, simply use one of the major browsers, make sure it’s updated, and that you have a good internet connection.

For optimal performance we recommend using Chrome or Brave.

The PLO Trainer Web App is compatible with all operating systems, just make sure to use one of the major browsers and ensure that it is up to date. 

The PLO Trainer is also mobile-friendly, and can be installed as an app-shortcut on your phone.

We have created a document that displays all of the situations and scenarios that currently lead to turns and rivers which you can view here.

Once you have opened one of these scenarios in the PLO Trainer Web App if you click the ‘has turns’ option on the board selector you will be presented with all the boards that lead to turns and rivers.

Depending on your purchase, you get access to the 4-card Scorecards (2 small stakes, 2 mid stakes, and 1 high stakes spreadsheets) and/or the 5-card Scorecards (1 small stakes and 1 mid stakes spreadsheets).

4-Card PLO Scorecards:
Small Stakes (5%, 2bb rakecap)
Small Stakes (5%, 4bb rakecap)
Midstakes (5%, 0.6bb rakecap)
Midstakes (5%, 1.5bb rakecap)
High stakes (4.5%, 0.05bb rakecap)

5-Card PLO Scorecards:
Small Stakes (5%, 3bb rakecap)
Midstakes (5%, 1bb rakecap)

PLO Trainer Scorecard access is indefinite and available lifetime. It also includes a video tutorial by JNandez.

You will need a free Google account to copy your Scorecard spreadsheets.

Although not required, PLO Trainer Scorecard is designed to work with PLO Trainer. PLO Trainer Scorecard generates training nodes automatically and 1-click links you directly to train them in PLO Trainer, you then input the training results back into PLO Trainer Scorecard.

Join our Discord to stay up to date with team announcements and talk directly to the team.

Within the PLO Trainer, click the notifications bell in the top right. This will display in detail release notes for any updates that have been made.

Do not use the PLO Trainer whilst playing and running poker sites. Doing so will result in you receiving a warning from the poker site or worse depending on the terms & conditions a specific site has in place. 

Please always make sure that you completely close the PLO Trainer prior to opening any poker site to avoid putting your account(s) at risk.  

Both PLO apps include access to the same sims.

If you don’t plan to use the more advanced features the PLO Range Explorer app offers, like doing range analysis with your own monker-run sims, you don’t need the PLO Range Explorer.

All PLO Range Explorer subscriptions automatically include PLO Trainer Web App.

The PLO Trainer web app and PLO Range Explorer both contain the same sims data.

You can find the feature comparison here.

To stay updated, join our Discord.

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