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Frequently Asked Questions

Your free Starter Pack includes access to PLO Basics and PLO Skills.

PLO Skills is browser-based preflop trainer, part of the PLO Trainer.

For a limited time, during the  PGT PLO Series (March 20-29), we are giving free memberships access to all our preflop ranges in PLO Skills, for 4-card and 5-card PLO. After the PGT PLO event, free accounts will retain free access to opening ranges (and calling ranges for 4-Card PLO).

PLO Basics is a starter course that will get you set on the right path to crushing PLO, even if you’re starting from scratch.

You will never be charged for your free membership, and you can upgrade at any time by visiting our pricing page.

PLO Trainer is our flagship software, which allows you to fully browse, filter, automatically categorize and train hands from our hundreds of thousands high-accuracy GTO solutions.

It includes cash game and MTT (including ICM) sims, and other preflop ranges for live PLO (8-max), ranges with antes, etc. It also includes postflop simulations for some situations, and a limited number of turns. For any existing turn card, all rivers are also included.

PLO Skills is mobile-first, browser-based preflop trainer, part of the PLO Trainer. It allows you to train preset hands and track your accuracy.

Both PLO Skills and PLO Basics are browser-based and compatible with all operating systems, just make sure to use one of the major browsers and ensure that it is up to date. Chrome, Safari and Firefox are supported.

A free Discord account is required to access our public Discord. If you have never used Discord before, check out our step-by-step guide on how to use it.

We do not ask for any payment information to sign up for your free membership. You only need to register with a working email address and create your username and password.

Once you feel more confident in your game and are ready to take it to the next level, unlock full access to one of our 4-Card or 5-Card PLO memberships and upgrade to the full power of PLO Skills, PLO Trainer, and our PLO video library.

All major credit and debit cards and Paypal are accepted. For crypto payments please contact us at [email protected]

Free accounts are not charged. Regarding our paid memberships, there are no refunds for new or existing members.

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