Using population preflop tendency without post flop tendency. Is it wise?

  • Using population preflop tendency without post flop tendency. Is it wise?

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  • Sanekpv

    October 17, 2020 at 11:21 am

    I just watched both videos about ” How to adjust if your opponent doesn’t fold to 3-bets

    and I think there is a problem with adjusting only to preflop population tendency.

    After the flop the solver continue to play GTO and the range is build using this, but in reality for example if we 3bet we can represent AA after the flop and population will fold the kings/queens after the flop much more than the GTO. What I am trying to say that population tendency after the flop will fix the changes of 3bet again and I am not sure that we can use population preflop tendency without using post flop tendency.

    It’s just my thoughts but interesting what other think about it?

  • Funkarello

    October 18, 2020 at 9:56 am

    I agree about postflop. I think in PLO, the mistakes are less important for vilains than the postflop or the position mistakes.

    To exploit properly, pf or postflop are important. Of course, if vilain maniac doesnt fold, 3betting in SB vs BTN with 98TJds is not such a good idea. But maybe its a better idea 3betting with that than 3betting with bad aces. I mean, postflop, vilain is trying to bet Aces bc he assules you have aces. But he can exploit you a lot.

    But most of all, I think the big exploit can be find in fold to xr IP, stats like that, bc they cbet too much, and they don’t know what to do….

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