Strategy for a loose pre-flop Home game (9 Handed)

  • Strategy for a loose pre-flop Home game (9 Handed)

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  • Harjitsingh

    January 8, 2021 at 3:49 pm

    I am playing this 2-4 PLO home game which is 9 Handed and players making lot of calls preflop.

    6-7 players call pre-flop. After the flop based on draw made hand, there is lot of raise/calling/3-bet/4-bet. I have tried raising to pot every time with premium hands but saw like 4-5 callers and on the flop I am forced to leave every time. Every time I see my hand getting crushed by river by one player or another (I am usually out after flop but see that I would have lost if I played with my premium hand).

    What should be my strategy here. Based on example videos in Launchpad, I see that Nandez trying to narrow down the callers, but I cannot do that in this game as they do rarely raise pre-flop. But post flop involves lot of betting as with so many callers someone flops nuts or draws to nuts/full house etc.

    Should I wait for premium draw/hand post flop in this scenario? I want to narrow it to headsup or against two players with my hand but it never happened.

    I am still new and going through Pre-flop launchpad videos but quick advice on a strategy for such game would be of immense help.


    Harjit Singh

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