Preflop Hand Selection VS River Bluffing Strategy

  • Preflop Hand Selection VS River Bluffing Strategy

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  • Hopshopshops

    May 28, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    I’ve been consuming lots of content on the site, and working my way through the 10 week transform (along with cherry picking some other content). I have a general strategy question that has been on my mind. After watching the videos I feel like I am not bluffing the river enough with the bottom of my range. Its difficult for me to find the correct patterns on the correct boards…bottom line, i think its a tough concept to get right.

    First question, what PT/HEM stats should i look at to verify my assumptions? (besides filtering every hand where i bet the river).

    Second question, the preflop trainer is very valuable and can help you cover up your preflop leaks pretty fast. However, the preflop trainer is based on playing GTO post flop. If i *know* i’m not playing GTO post flop, should i adjust my preflop ranges, and how should i adjust them until i have a better grasp of river play. For example, in recent video the solution had some crazy bluff on the river w/ 8833 or something similar, and i know i’m never getting to that node of the game tree, with that hand, and if i happen to get there, im probably not recognizing it should be bluffed. Does that mean the value of 8833 is way less for me than what the preflop trainer has solved, and i need to be folding that hand now?

    Thanks for all comments, i know its a bit rambling.

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