Articles or vides on adjusting GTO for looser opponents

  • Articles or vides on adjusting GTO for looser opponents

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  • Gareth

    October 3, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    Hey guys I’m using the preflop hand helper and the HM3 which is great obviously for studying hands and understanding folds preflop.

    The issue I’m finding is adjusting my range with the knowledge that at lower stakes like PLO 500 & 100 the players play far too lose. I know that looser preflop ranges require that I should play looser but I have less confidence about the hands to widen my range against very loose opponents. Are there any good articles, videos, or tools that people suggest for optimal GTO play under much looser conditions?

  • Funnybunny H

    October 3, 2020 at 10:19 pm

    If players play looser, you shouldn’t play looser, but tighter in fact. You wanna be more selective when it comes to open-raising, especially EP/MP. The area where you should be more loose is your 3beting range, that way you can punish players who open too wide regardless of their position.

    I would recommend the crushing PLO series, there is the “small stakes PLO” and the “PLO100” if you haven’t watched them yet. It’s been a while since I watched these, but as far as I remember it does cover some key fundamentals when it comes to the lower limits.

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