Approach on dry high, low, low flops in 3bet pot

  • Approach on dry high, low, low flops in 3bet pot

    Posted by Ghaleon on September 22, 2022 at 5:27 pm

    I have gone through good amount of dual review videos from Luuk and I wonder about approach in 3bet pots on dry high, low, low board. Because I see lot of time coaches going for small bet in these and saying they would do lot of small bets and some big bets. But from content I went through earlier previous year (might have forgotten lot) and spots I have looked on plotrainer its more or less opposite.

    Like on today in this video ( last hand from 42:00 onward. Spot is BUvsMP in 3bet pot on Q72r flop. This is around 70bb stack depth. But if I check this spot in plotrainer with 100bb I will get range for BU that pots 54% and remaining is split evenly between check and half pot. For some reason 50bb for same spot is not showing any data for me. I seem to find bugs in this app constantly as side note.

    Anyway I would imagine in 50bb sim it would be even more potting. Hand Luuk had is splitting to half and pot bets but I was more of thinking discussion of overall range.

    It just seems like recurring theme where I think “ok I would pot most of time” and then coach says exact opposite. Then I check trainer and its mainly potting. Also argument for betting small seems to often be to challenge some one pair type hands like in Q72r those would be Qx, 7x or KK. But my understanding especially with weak to mediocre type AAxx is that we want to mainly pot to actually get those board pair hands to fold their considerable equity.

    Like there was spot in some video earlier where hero 3bet SBvsCO had AA96ss with low suit and we bet 1/3 on some sort of Q84r type flop with SPR 2.5 or so. To me this is like clear pot as playability suck especially with low suit. I might remember hand details bit wrong but I did post comment about that hand on video as well.

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