A hopeless case

  • A hopeless case

    Posted by Paristilt0n on December 21, 2021 at 5:23 am

    I hope you guys can help me out to reset my potential PLO career.

    I’m no stranger to Poker. I used to play a lot of NLHE and was somewhat succesful at that – more than most. Some good scores in online tournaments, started grinding cash games online more than 10 years ago and beat NL50 before transitioning into tournaments. Ever since I pretty much only played live and beat most games that are available to me.

    PLO however is a complete different animal. To keep things short. After having watched videos and worked with the bucket tool its still horrible. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t expect good results fast. However I am surprised how incredibly horrible I do. I took my first at PLO round about 10 years ago. Horrible results. Probably lost 10k on PLO 50. I was not studying any good material, except Jeff Wang’s classic book everybody probably read. I think its garbage.

    1 year ago I took another swing at it with PLO Mastermind. Didn’t really study too much to be honest. Got messed up on PLO50 and PLO25. Now I am back again. Started small – PLO10. Got wrecked. PLO5 – got wrecked. Can’t even beat PLO2. I just don’t get it. To me the games seem so unbelievably reg infested. You get called with basically nothing, unless its the stone called nuts. I have taken a good look at all those players’ states with HM3. I personally see regs, regs, regs. Unreal to me.

    I do think I understand the basics quite well and I get messed up constantly. It even seems the more I study and the more I play accordingly the results get worse. I play generally tight by nature as I do in NLHE, so I am not throwing my money out there. I hope you guys can help out how to atleast beat the micros. If you need any stats via HM3, let me know.

    Last but not least my PLO5 and PLO10 graph. As a NLHE player that succesfully grinded 180s multi table SNGs back in the day on Stars, various tournaments, including 3rd in sunday mil and before all that profitably NL50, so I feel bad at failing at PLO like I do – as bad as it can get.

    Cheers PTilt0n

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