PLO Helper strange play?

  • PLO Helper strange play?

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  • Prijzensloerie

    April 26, 2021 at 10:58 pm

    I was checking the hand below in the preflop helper and i found something i don’t understand. In a certain situation it suggests to squeeze for -2.45 EV while folding from the SB is only -0,5 EV. Why would you ever make that play and why does it suggest it? Is it pure for balance to have some bluffs?

    Rake PLO50, Stack 100bb, Position SB, 6 handed

    As 5s 3d 6h

    Category 12 : Connected A-high non-broadway, suited ace

    Raise First-In 72% (-0.45) Limp 28% (-0.44)

    Limp-call 28% (-0.88)

    Squeeze vs MP+CO+BU 1% (-2.45)

    Call 3bet vs BB 72% (-2.83)

  • Adelaney

    April 27, 2021 at 7:26 am

    Hey @prijzensloerie

    If you check the frequency for this play it is 1% so it basically would never be done and likelihood is if the sim were to be run for an extended period of time this play would be completely removed in this instance you can just round this play down to 0%.

    As mentioned in the help section of the preflop helper ‘If you find a situation where an action has a very low/high percentage frequency, it’s most likely that you can round the frequency down to 0% or up to 100%.’

    Hope this helps,


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