Weird spot and I'm a crazy NIT on flop

  • Weird spot and I'm a crazy NIT on flop

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  • Infinito46

    June 5, 2020 at 7:05 pm


    So CO is a 83/42 and BB is a 26/18 reg.

    It’s really hard for me to imagine the farha range of a looking like decent regular in this spot because the CO player will reshove pretty often so his FARHA is more expensive than the 22$ call. So I believe the BB range should be extremely strong and mainly filled with DS Broadway hands which imact a lot in this flop. So I’m thinking about straight folding in the flop facing the CO shove. Despite the good odds. Which is crazy and most likely wrong.

    But he is actually not a good reg. His 3-bet range is only 2.7% in a big sample so maybe he is unable to 4bet light in this spot.

    If he was more agressive preflop I’d expect him to 4-bet light all his “farha” range. Because I’m 3-betting extremely loose vs the wild recreational and he will have more than enought fold equity. But he is a NIT so I really believe he has impacted this flop extremely well.

    So how silly is folding this flop with such a good odds? I believ his farha range should be extremely tight because of the high reshoving % of CO. Personally I believe folding it’s not an option, but if it is I wana know it haha.



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