Triple barrel bluffing with two missed flush draws on board

  • Triple barrel bluffing with two missed flush draws on board

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  • Luuk

    May 15, 2020 at 6:40 am


    lately i played a hand where my opponent did c-bet flop, turn & river and I questioned whether or not his river bet was good. I jumped into the PLO trainer and had a few takeaways. Below I will share with you what i found. I wont break down everything, but show a few important things related to this hand and his river betting range

    Image 2: Here you see a screenshot of the hand. I sit in the BB (Mr. Luque) and defend preflop. I check call the flop and check call the turn with my medium strong 2 pair hand. We go to the river and both flushes miss. My opponent pots the river and I make the call down and take down the pot against a missed draw. This call down is OK in a GTO setting, but a very similar combo like this is also folded. It feels like a mixed strategy with my hand and both calling or folding would be ok.

    Image 1: Breakdown of the river strategy by the BTN.

    – Value bet T2P or better

    – Check back other 2 pair hands as well as Kx and Qx.

    – With a bare 7x we see that we should bluff bet a couple of combinations, especially once we have no SDV and we dont have one of the FDs or NFD-blockers. Making it more likely our opponent was on a draw and now missed. remember that there are still many give ups as well with bare 7x, but these are a few guidelines you can use in game to consider bluffing or not bluffing.

    Lets look at the category the hand of this breakdown falls in, TWO FDs. I broke them into 3 groups.

    1. Two FDs + NFD. Here we see we should almost always check. Blocking the most important missed draw in our opponents range makes it more likely he has a hand to call down with and less likely he has a hand he will fold. This is exactly what my thinking was in game and why i questioned his bet. He is blocking too much of my folding range and therefore its too likely he gets called down

    2. Two FDs + Pair. He we also check. Reason is that most of these hands, like AAx/JJx/TTx still have SDV and EV checking back. Whenever this is the case checking back is almost always a good option, especially once we block many combinations in our opponents folding range.

    3. Two FDs other. Here we have the main hands we pot with Two FDs. These dont block NFDs and dont have any SDV. Even though we block TWO FDs, this group should be potted most of the time.

    What we have seen here is the important of looking critically at every card in our hand when bluffing the river. Even though you dont have SDV, there are still many things too consider before pulling the trigger.

    I hope this gave you some insight in a triple barrel spot that happens quite frequently. As you can see there are many other hands still in our range that i wont go into right now. If you do work with the PLO Trainer and monker, make sure to train yourself on river barrel strategies and learn more about the remaining ranges!


  • Savjz

    May 22, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    thnx for share, good hand

    • Luuk

      May 23, 2020 at 1:22 pm

      Your welcome!

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