PLO5 $0.5/1 Top set multi way with deep stacks

  • PLO5 $0.5/1 Top set multi way with deep stacks

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  • AnggeorG

    November 25, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    We play in a splashy game at PokerBros. We sit at the BB with As9c7sKdKs and 180bb deep. No specific reads on our opponents other than they are loose-passive both pre and postflop.

    UTG (44bb) open limps

    CO (127bb) calls

    BTN (201bb) calls

    Hero – BB (180bb) check

    Flop (4.5bb): 6h Kc 3c. Hero checks, UTG bets 4.5, CO folds, BTN calls 4.5, BB raises to 22.5, UTG folds, BTN calls 22.5.

    Turn (54bb): Th. Hero checks, BTN checks.

    River (54bb): 8c. Checks through. We win with the straight.

    So, Preflop I think our hand is not good enough to raise and play OOP against 3 players in a deep situation.

    On the Flop, at the time I thought that there are a lot of Turns that hurt us so I didn’t donk, but I’m thinking that any 8+ that isn’t a club plus the board pairings are good for us, so maybe I should indeed donk. We do have the 9c in our hands as well. I went for the XR though.

    On the Turn, we have neither FD and many cards bring straights so I decided to go for the double XR. The SPR is 3.5 and I will really not know what to do on those cards, if I lead pot.

    On the River, the Flush completes and we do have SD value, so I checked.

    What do you think about my reasoning? Should I lead Flop and go for the Check/Raise on the Turn? How whould I think about the situation? Are there more that I didn’t think about?

  • Suhepx

    November 26, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Hey AnggeorG!

    I think preflop your hand is definitely strong enough for a raise! Yes it is a little bit marginal, but only because we raise preflop it doesnt mean we have to go broke on any flop ;).

    On the flop i prefer a lead because you dont have any back up equity which will result in poor playbility on a lot of runouts, which will become a problem when you are this deep.

    On the turn I like your thoughts, but the double XR is really only nice if your opponent is going to bet some of the time. And even if the game is a splashy app game, I dont see ppl stabbing a lot on the turn, probably only if they have 47%+ equity against a set. So i would probably just close my Eyes and press the pot button, at least you have a gs as backup and block one Club.

    River check is fine as played!

    Again I think the most important street here is the flop. Very often by using a different line on the flop we can avoid tricky situations on later streets.

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