I assume I played this all wrong ?

  • I assume I played this all wrong ?

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  • Mrstorrie

    May 31, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Just played this hand on RIO 10plo. Think the call pre is fine, after looking at my flop play i think just calling is correct. No idea why I lead Q turn maybe to pressure on other f draws. Luckily i rivers a str8 flush. Where did i go wrong and what lines should I have taken. Many thanks.


    <div>Run It Once Poker Hand #45448112: Omaha Pot Limit (€0.05/€0.10) – 2020/05/30 11:28 UTC [2020/05/30 12:28 CET]</div><div>Table ID ‘45444983’ 6-Max Seat #3 is the button</div><div>Seat 3: Marshall Y (€34.52 in chips)</div><div>Seat 4: Angelo C (€7.33 in chips)</div><div>Seat 6: Stoz (€11.16 in chips)</div><div>Angelo C: posts small blind €0.05</div><div>Stoz: posts big blind €0.10</div><div>*** HOLE CARDS ***</div><div>Dealt to Stoz [5s 4d 6d 6s]</div><div>Marshall Y: raises €0.25 to €0.35</div><div>Angelo C: calls €0.30</div><div>Stoz: calls €0.25</div><div>*** FLOP *** [3d 4s 5d]</div><div>Angelo C: checks</div><div>Stoz: checks</div><div>Marshall Y: bets €0.50</div><div>Angelo C: folds</div><div>Stoz: raises €1.50 to €2.00</div><div>Marshall Y: calls €1.50</div><div>*** TURN *** [3d 4s 5d] [Qh]</div><div>Stoz: bets €4.82</div><div>Marshall Y: raises €14.46 to €19.28</div><div>Stoz: calls €3.99 and is all-in</div><div>*** RIVER *** [3d 4s 5d Qh] [7d]</div><div>*** SHOWDOWN ***</div><div>Stoz shows [5s 4d 6d 6s] for Straight Flush [7d 6d 5d 4d 3d]</div><div>Uncalled bet (€10.47) returned to Marshall Y</div><div>Stoz collected €21.67 from pot</div><div>*** SUMMARY ***</div><div>Total pot €22.67 | Main pot €22.67 | Side pot €0.00 | Rake €1.00</div><div>Board [3d 4s 5d Qh 7d]</div><div class=””>Seat 4: Angelo C (small blind) folded before Turn</div><div class=””>Seat 6: Stoz (big blind) showed [5s 4d 6d 6s] and won €21.67 with Straight Flush 3 to 7</div><div class=””>Seat 3: Marshall Y (button) mucked [7h 8d Qs 6h] and lost</div>

  • Infinito46

    May 31, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    Really interesting hand. I believe this may be an optimal hand for check/raising as a bluff in this spot. Once in the turn maybe we can make him fold A2 or smth but personally I’d just check and try to find a free card. Anyway in such a small SPR shoving can’t be a big mistake. But maybe checking has higher EV.

    Let’s see what do the experts think about it.

  • Mrstorrie

    May 31, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    Thanks for the reply would love some insight.

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