10 (over)limped hands – developing a limping range

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  • 10 (over)limped hands – developing a limping range

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  • Christianpeters

    July 2, 2021 at 5:36 am

    Am in the US, so I primarily play live. I have been trying to develop a limping strategy as the live games are ideal for limping sometimes – the rake is based on time, so there is no need to raise to hit a rake cap. 8 handed play. Almost all pots are 3+ players. Most players are (way)under 3betting, but there are 1 or 2 players are over-3betting and sometimes with trash hands. Almost always 200bb+ deep. I wrote down 10 hands that I limped in this type of game in the last month. Looking for feedback since the solver has no limping or overlimping range.

    Given the above game characteristics, are these ok? Any you think should be raised instead? (Please note that my main game includes a “Rock” which is a mandatory straddle each hand by the player who won the prior hand – that is why every hand includes a straddle)

    1. CO straddles. I limp as first to act on the BTN with JT77 trip suit.

    2. MP straddles. CO and BTN limp. I overlimp from SB with A883 trip suit.

    3. No straddle. 2 players in EP limp. I overlimp with KJJ6 single suited to K in MP.

    4. No straddle. I openlimp A733 single suited to A in EP.

    5. BTN straddles. SB limps. I limp the BB with KK83 single suited to K.

    6. No straddle. 2 players limp. I overlimp A942 single suited to A on the BTN.

    7. No straddle. Lots of really spewy players at the table, also very aggressive preflop. I open limp QQ96 single suited to Q from UTG.

    8. Straddle in the SB, who is passive preflop so unlikely to raise. 3 players limp. I over-limp Q986 double suited OTB.

    9. I straddle from the BB with TT33 double suited. A fish with only 50bb limps EP. A very weak player with 300bb+ over-limps from MP. Folds to me in BB. Should I raise? (I decided to just check)

    10. No straddle. 2 players limp in early position. I overlimped A975 double suited in middle position.


  • Tilted Ninja

    August 24, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    I play in a rock game also. I don’t use a limp strategy. I do well in the game and follow most of the 6 hand play. Nuttiness hands early and smooth late. I raise to isolate and collect the dead money of all the limps. I feel having a raise, 3, and 4 bet range with no limps uncapped ur hands. When deep people overplay AAxx. Popular tendency in these type games AAxx is most peoples only 3 bet and especially 4bet.

    I would like to hear back from you and anyone else the plays live about there theory in there game

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