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  • Luuk

    April 2, 2020 at 7:54 am


    I would like to share with you my recent updates in regards to my workspace. I have been working from home for years. As a poker player this makes total sense right. Its convenient and we can work whenever we want. However for me I had to make a decision as I felt like working from my home wasn’t working out great anymore. I live in a loft apartment which means its one large space without any seperate rooms. Its a great place to live and I really enjoy it. However it has a few disadvantages when it comes to working/living in the same place. Based on this I came to the conclusion that at this point in my life it will be much better for me to have a own place to work from outside of my loft.

    My two main reasons to move to an office are:

    1. Its hard to seperate work from my private life as my work is always around me and always in sight.

    2. Living together with my girlfriend basically means she is also living in my office, which isn’t great for her either obviously There is always this work-vibe and that doesn’t create the best environment for both of us to make it a home.

    Around one month ago I did find a very nice please close-by my loft. I did some decoration and the place feels really good at the moment. I still have a few things in my mind to optimize it more, but there is a good start and I feel really happy with it. I will add a seating area next to my desk, below the window, where i can read or drink coffee when someone visits. So far its working out great. I go to my office early in the morning and have a focused work session. There are way less distractions around me here which helps me to get into the flow of work my quicker. Whenever i go home at night it now is much easier to leave work for the day and spent a few hourse on other things i like to do. It keeps my mind fresh and I enjoy my time outside of work much better. Oyea, my girlfriend is also verry happy with it πŸ™‚ yay!

    I feel like many of us can improve our work space and I hope my story can inspire you to have a look at how you are building your workspace. There is no need to move to an office as myself obviously, as all of us have a different situation we are in. It made sense for me at this point in my life to optimize my life and work situation.

    All the best,


  • Fernando Habegger

    April 6, 2020 at 1:45 am

    That’s awesome @Luuk! Smiley

    I’m also thinking of further optimizing my workspace. Being in the flow and having full focus can be heavily influenced by your environment and the vibe of your room / workspace, I’ve noticed.

    I will optimize further and then also post pictures of small things I’ve noticed that help me to be more focused when playing and more motivated to work in general.

    Keep it up!


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