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  • Euanswan

    July 2, 2020 at 11:51 am

    Hi all,

    Sorry if I am not the first person to post something like this but I am having trouble finding decent information online. I am a nlhe grinder who has played professionally for the last 6 years. I play nl200-600nl. I am doing completely fine at nlhe but recently have had the urge to move to plo.

    Partly just to mix things up, partly because I think it could be more profitable, and partly because i’m worried about bots etc. Does anyone know how long it would take me to transition enough so that I could beat 200nl or so? Does anyone have any advice on whether it would be worth it? I am in a comfortable situation financially so the variance is not something I’m too worried about. I would probably average around 2.5 hours of study 5 days a week and maybe an hour playing time (I would do this during the day then play my usual nl schedule in the evening). As far as NL study goes, I mix rio and upswing videos along with my own solver work and would say have a decent understanding of the theory behind NLHE. I had a look and it looks like the transition course thats offered would be ideal for someone in my scenario?

    Many thanks!

  • Adelaney

    July 14, 2020 at 11:52 am

    Hey @euanswan

    Apologies I missed your thread and just noticed it now. To start with i’d say the 10 week PLO Transformation course is definitely a great place to start it covers a lot of different areas in great detail and prepares you not only for the style of teaching that Fernando brings but also to jump straight into other content. We also have content road maps in our downloads section that allows you to get a guide of the content that is relevant to particular stakes.

    Regarding how long it can expect to take to reach and beat PLO200 naturally will largely come down to how heavy you commit to it. We’ve had members who’ve started at PLO20 and reached PLO100 and shot taking PLO200 in just a few months so it’s definitely doable to get there in a reasonable timeframe. You’re in a more unique situation to most that you already have the bankroll so are able to be a bit more aggressive in moving through the stakes/taking shots to get out of the heavy raked stakes.

    It would definitely be something worthwhile doing though that is for sure, Fernando has stated on several occasions that generally win rates in PLO are much higher in comparison to NLH as you are probably already aware so if you can transition over and get to the same or similar level you’re at now in NLH it’s going to be a worthwhile transition in the long term.

    Hope this helps and apologies once again for the delay in responding.

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