Showdown Winnings vs Non Showdown Winnings

  • Showdown Winnings vs Non Showdown Winnings

  • Jesselorensetti

    February 25, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Hi guys, so, I have a question regarging this topic, which is when you have a very positive showdown winnings but a very negative non showdown winnings , should you try to increase your bluffs and agression or actually tone it down because players are too calling stationaire ?

    (I Play PLO25 Rush in Natural 8 btw).

  • Dborys

    February 26, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Jesselorensetti,

    to be honest, it’s more like a healthy mixture of both.

    Lines that tend to hurt your non-sd a lot are sort of one-and-done decisions, like cbetting flop, checking the turn, and then facing bets on the river with a range almost exclusively consisting of bluffcatchers (and air). Other areas might be general passivity (especially on rivers), valuebetting too tightly (especially if you are saying the opposition is too stationy, valuebetting thinly is great), not attacking capped ranges enough, etc.

    I would recommend you watching the ” Crushing PLO100 Course” by Jnandez, he managed to have a good redline while playing, and also showed and explain different points of attack to improve your redline and your winrate.

    One thing I would like to add is, focus on your overall game and improving it, your winrate and your hourly. Whether you are making 10bb/100 with a positive, break even or negative redline won’t matter at the end of the day, as long as you are crushing.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions.

    • Jesselorensetti

      February 27, 2021 at 4:25 pm

      Thanks for the answer!

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