Polarized Range?

  • Polarized Range?

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  • 0580steve

    May 15, 2021 at 3:06 am

    So, I’m still reading the Nandez book and one concept that’s confusing to me or that I’m just missing is “polarized range” and basically, I’m trying to figure a polarized range for the small and big blind.

    Are we just guessing that the SB will typically have hands like QT23 or K945? Is that why a flop like 345 will benefit the SB more than an EP or BTN raiser? Since we don’t know, we just assume that the SB will have hands like that and that determines our polarized ranges? Polarization is all about guessing?

  • 0580steve

    May 18, 2021 at 2:32 am

    To expand on this, I’m referencing page 130 in the Nandez “Mastering Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha” book.

    “You open from EP, the player in the Cutoff calls and all the other players fold. The flop is K♠-J♦-6♣. This is a very interesting board because the Cutoff caller will have a lot of Kings in their preflop range. Most Kings are calling and not 3-betting from the Cutoff versus an EP. The Cutoff will also have a tight enough calling range that is should interact strongly with the King and Jack in multiple ways.”

    Excerpt From: Fernando ‘JNandez’ Habegger. “Mastering Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha.” Apple Books. https://books.apple.com/us/book/mastering-small-stakes-pot-limit-omaha/id1535001452

    I’m trying to figure out which ranges that I should expect from each position. If the cutoff will have a lot of Kings in their preflop range and interact strongly with the King and Jack in multiple ways, what kind of cards should we expect specific positions to interact with? MP? BTN? Blinds? Should I expect the BB or SB to interact more with Queens or something of that nature?

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