Having some trouble studying

  • Having some trouble studying

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  • FergusonCurly

    October 7, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    Hey gang,

    So I am trying to work on my cbetting strategy and really diving deep into my game.

    Right now I am giving out flops in scenarios say, I raise UTG, BTN calls and flop comes


    Considering the factors of equity, position, nuttiness advantage etc. I then come up with my best hands to check raise, best hands to check call etc. I build out my game tree.

    BUT, how do I discover who has the raw equity advantage, the nuttiness advantage? I don’t have any paid software at the moment. I am grinding micros and can’t afford any software (or MM membership, yet).

    Is there a way to find the answer for my questions with free software? In my example I think this is a good board for UTG.

    Raw equity advantage = UTG
    Polarity advantage = BTN by a little

    But position, how dynamic the board is, how deep we are, makes me feel like this is a low Cbet% spot.

    Thanks guys.


  • Luuk Botter

    October 17, 2021 at 9:42 am

    Hi @fergusoncurly

    You can use the free version of Pro Poker Tools to learn more about equities. You can also create a Graph to see how polarity plays out, but imo its less intuitive to use as Monkersolver for that. Keep in mind the ranges Pro Poker Tools uses are different than the ones in Monkersolver, but it is still helpful in a way.

    I would also check out the SRP OOP/IP course we have in the PLO MM. This will help you to understand the bigger principles about this topic.



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