This time I'll make it….I swear!! // PetaPaka's Progress Log

  • This time I'll make it….I swear!! // PetaPaka's Progress Log

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  • PetaPaka

    June 22, 2021 at 9:50 am

    Hello, you fellow PLO students and grinders! How do you do?


    Little background info about myself. I’m a 37 yo Marketing Consultant from Helsinki, Finland. Have a wife, no kids yet. Life is pretty awesome at the moment and lately I’ve been mostly enjoying the warm and sunny summer, which isn’t always the case here in Finland 😀

    Had a pretty decent career going on: Leading my own team, being a partner at my company and part of the executive team. Year 2019 was really, really rough and I had a little bit of burnout. Didn’t properly heal from it (only had like two weeks of sick leave, which does not even make a dent to it…). Late 2020 started to experience work exhaustion related symptoms again. I realized I need to get out of that company. Luckily I had enough connections and I managed to generate enough monthly billing from the clients which were owned/managed by my friends and their friends. So from the beginning of 2021 I started as a Freelancer Marketing Consultant and managed to improve the quality of my life like by 273%.

    Poker Background

    Pretty sure no one likes to hear advertising/marketing related sh*t here, so here is the poker background. I actually used to play for a living for several years. That was during the times when you needed only to click buttons in random order and money just flew out of the printer. I played mainly NL back in the days and the biggest stakes were NL200 – NL400. Of course, being young and dumb with too much easy money, I managed to mess it all up. Got really lazy, didn’t work my game at all, partied all the time. Guess what? Went broke and had to take a real job. Started by selling websites and search engine marketing services. Did not have a clue about marketing at first, but eventually ended up as a team leader and all that stuff I wrote earlier.

    In hindsight, I did almost everything wrong 😂 I was part of a group which travelled around the world and played online for a living. Well, my “travelling” was only for three months in Thailand, because in the summer before our trip I met my future ex-girlfriend. When our three month Visa to Thailand expired, I came back to Finland and the rest of the gang effed off to Australia, New Zealand, many places in Oceania and then back to Thailand. Being part of that group, I could have and should have invested my time to study and discuss poker with those guys, but I didn’t do it. It was much more fun to be stuck at NL200 and get wasted every day. Few of the guys were really talented and one of them still plays for a living. After said trip in 2007 I lived like a 5 year long Mike Matusow blow-up…. played like a donkey and partied all my money away.

    My so-called poker career ended late 2012 and since then I’ve only played occasionally. In November when I struggled with work exhaustion and made a decision to get out of the rat race, I figured I would have more time for poker in future so why not really put effort into it. I bought a 12 month access to PLO Mastermind (Black Friday deal) and I was going to dedicate my time for the “10-week PLO Transformation” starting January. I tried to start the journey a few times, but always had some excuses why I would need to play poker instead of studying. But this time I’m going to do it!
    Disclaimer: I’m not even trying to do it in 10 weeks, because I want to enjoy the summer. So it is going to take a little bit longer than 10 weeks.

    My Vision:

    I’m a part time professional poker player playing mid stakes PLO Cashgames mainly Online. I’m also a Freelancer Marketing Consultant who likes to keep his mind and body active by learning new things and exercising daily.

    My Purpose:

    Poker is a way for me to be financially independent. I need to take is seriously and treat it like a “real” business always trying to improve. By playing poker I can also challenge myself and take learnings to other sides of my life – including running a real business as a main income.


    • Learn to use HUD
    • Play only when I’m really mentally capable to it
    • Meditate daily
    • Exercise daily
    • Warm up before every session, cool down after every session
    • Play 10-15 quality hours per week
    • Study 5-10 hours per week
    • Study mental game weekly
    • Update progress log at least once a week
    • Beat PLO100 with a high bb/100

    Current status:

    • Bankroll 1 000 $
    • Stake PLO25 (going to use quite aggressive BR management up to PLO100)
    • Never used a HUD or tracker
    • Meditate almost daily
    • Exercise 3-7 per week
    • Play sub optimally too often. Usually it spirals when I’m not focused enough
    • call pre too loose (yeah, I know…)
    • chase lost money, try to “revenge”
    • try to win no matter what
    • etc F-level game issues


    Goal is to have fun with poker and get fulfillment learning new stuff, not just to win money. Of course money is always relevant in poker. Hop aboard to my journey becoming PLO Mastermind! Feel free to comment and give feedback to any topic discussed in this blog.



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    • This discussion was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by  PetaPaka.
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