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    Posted by Mkelly82 on September 12, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    My name is Mark and I am getting back into poker after loving it in my early to late twenties but then stopping for about 10 years while I did all the grown up things, marriage, house, kids.

    I used to do well at NLHE tournaments and dabbled in cash games for NLHE and PLO but never anything serious.

    Upon starting playing again I have found that I love PLO the most due to the increased action.

    I am looking to study the game, build a bankroll and try and earn some extra spending money while doing it.

    My Vision is to build a bankroll to handle the variance at PLO200, take stabs and eventualy move up to PLO500 and make between $2-3K per month.

    My main focus will be on the Mental game as I have always felt that I have a good understanding of poker in general but always get click happy online and forget to think before clicking the mouse and don’t always make the best logical decisions. This is something I do not suffer when playing live for obvious reasons.

    2nd to the mental game will be evaluating my play in study sessions using HM3 and PLO trainer as I can already see the benefits this will give me in learning from past mistakes.

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