Matt Betts Progress Log – This is going to be fun!

  • Matt Betts Progress Log – This is going to be fun!

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  • Mynuts1990

    May 27, 2020 at 8:18 am

    Hi everyone,

    Matt Betts here. I am 30 years old, married and with my 1st child due in 2 months. Crazy and exciting times…!

    I have been playing poker since I was 15 years old, my love/hate affair with this crazy little game began in my school common room where me and my 3 best mates would play during our lunch break. You all know the drill… You call your mate down with King high when you know he has a busted straight or flush or draw and you feel like a BOSS. You then graduate to online and swiftly lose that delusion of grandeur and realise you suck. Truth hurts sometimes… Unfortunately for me I’ve never really recognised the fact that i’m not very good. Sure I like to think that I have a natural “feel” for the game but so does everyone else right..?! Well no more… I realise I need to put in the hours of study and build my knowledge and there is no other choice. Or I will continue the cycle of being a losing recreational player. Although it’s not all bad… I’m sure plenty of you on here have enjoyed chewing up my bankrolls! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My online success in PLO has been poor, I manage to build a roll and then swiftly lose it playing over and above my station and feel like a chump after losing what took a long while to build. And just like JNandez so eloquently put it, I got addicted to pushing that rock up the hill for all eternity! I have decided to take action for the 1st time in my poker “career”. My mental game and discipline has held me back for so long and even after reading Jared Tendler numerous times the message does not sink in. So i’m reaching out to all you beautiful people and asking you to help keep me on track. I recognise that this journey will be hard and have MANY up and downs but i’m am going to embrace it all and enjoy the journey.

    If you managed to reach this point of the post then congratulations to me for not boring the ass out of you…I will now try and summarise my goals:

    Current Bankroll – $2500

    Short Term Goal (1 Month) – Play 25K hands of ZOOM PLO 25 and focus on the QUALITY of my play and taking good and thorough notes on my opponents. If possible I would like to return a win rate of 5bb/100 during this period but I am not going to focus too much on this. Quality is key and if variance isn’t on my side then I don’t want to be discouraged.

    Mid Term Goal (6 Months) – Build my BR upto 10K and graduate to play PLO100 ZOOM

    Long Term Goal (1 – 3 years) – Build a BR of $50K and start to build the life I have always craved and build a lifestyle around being my own boss and having more freedom.

    For now… Over and out.


    Matt Betts.

  • Luuk

    May 27, 2020 at 9:10 am

    Hey Matt!

    Welcome on board, happy to read your first blog post!

    Exciting times are coming for your both private as well as within poker! Iwish you all the best and I look forward to your updates here.

    Lets Crush.

    oyeah, and i tooootally agree, QUALITY first!

  • Fernando Habegger

    May 28, 2020 at 10:03 am

    Hi Matt!

    Glad to have you here in the PLO Mastermind. Looking forward to your blog posts and your progress. We are here to keep you accountable. Make sure to post good and bad days, it’s all part of the process and journey. We are here to help.

    Best of luck!


  • Cookiesareforever

    May 28, 2020 at 1:20 pm

    Hi there Matt,

    Good work in not boring me to death ;D.
    I know the story, we’ve all been there with the “I’m so friggin’ good at this game” to giving away your entire bankroll to people who actually know how to play. Hopefully we can learn something from it, for me it’s taken a long time to come back to studying and wanting to improve my game.

    Best of luck with your goals, both at the tables and away from them.


  • Adelaney

    May 29, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    Welcome Matt

    Firstly congrats some crazy and exciting times ahead indeed!

    Good to see that you’ve decided to take action, and that’s what we are here to help you with also to stay on track and accountable whether it be a great day or a bad day, we all have them it’s about how we deal with them!

    Good luck with your goals and I look forward to following along with your journey!

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