Let’s try to become Pro

  • Let’s try to become Pro

    Posted by Accaro on August 1, 2022 at 1:19 pm

    Years ago, when I studied for my bachelor degree I mainly played PLO from home (up to PLO10, but I was only a crusher at PLO 2, because I was missing too much fundamentals). A few months ago I played a video game, thinking to make guides about it, but my desire to think strategy shouldn’t be wasted so I started playing PLO again.

    I started at the bottom at PLO2 and directly skipped it and continued with PLO5. I played on GGPoker (can’t recommend) and switched to another pokersite where I can get better reads on the opponents over a larger sample. I finished all of the Masterminds quizzes, except the shortstack stuff and grew my fundamentals.

    Right now I am kinda stuck on PLO25, either I make it or when the shot to this limit doesn’t work out I will go back to PLO10, grind 6 PLO25 stacks, and attack again.

    My goal is to first beat PLO25 with 10 ev bb / 100 consistently and then to move up as many limits as possible. I would already be satisfied with being a PLO100 crusher mid term (6 months from now) to transition to live poker. I believe live poker and PLO MTTs are the spots that I want to explore, as soon as I have the sufficient bankroll, that can take a hit, while maintaining a high quality of life. Furthermore I love to travel, therefore the MTTs look quite interesting.

    I will do weekly updates for my progress. Current BR: 680 (I know its not a lot for PLO25, but I take shots very aggressively and would move down to PLO10 again at 500).

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