I will crush this game

  • I will crush this game

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  • Kristianiliev

    January 11, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    Hello PLO community! 🙂

    My name is Kristian from the beautiful country of Bulgaria and I just have subscribed for the 10 week PLO program.

    Personal info.

    I am 31 years old who has graduated Logistics in his master’s degree. Fortunately, I am working in this area for an American company for 5 years now. As you can all imagine it gets a bit of boring to have fixed working hours and face the same problems over and over again. But the thing that I do not like the most is the bureaucracy. It takes weeks even months a simple decision to be taken by the management which is killing my motivation pretty much. I can also say for myself that I am pretty analytical and logical person with a constant desire of improving any process. Well… this is not a quality that is valued by the big companies as there are strict procedures and manuals which you must follow. That is why I felt in love with Poker.

    Poker background

    I stated playing Holdem poker 5 years ago mainly micro tournaments 5-10$. And I instantly felt in love with the game in terms of competing with the others and constantly improve your own game. Couple of months later I did notice that Poker helps me to take better decisions in my personal life by analyzing the situation and collecting as much information that you could. The first year was difficult actually without having any results. Since then I started reading books and watching videos on the game theory and hand histories. The results just started coming and I started to cash in very often. However, my side income from Poker was around 100$ per month. Spending 4-6 hours a day playing tournaments for this amount of money made me think to quit playing which happened. I was not playing pokers since December 2020 when I start playing Omaha. Yeeees I know that you already know what happened here as newbie I started with a small deposit at the micro, got busted , more deposits at higher stakes.. you know the story. The result – 2k$ for a month. I would like to say that I really like Omaha because its intensity and I blame myself that I have discovered it so late , just in 2020 ☹.

    The Change

    I made a decision to become a winning Omaha player and that is why I am here. I found out about this site while I was watch J Nandez on Youtube. Visited the site and saw the pricing 100$ a month. My reaction was that this is too expensive.. After a week or so passed I was telling myself the quote that we all know but not apply so often. ‘’Before you received something, you have to give something’’.

    What I do want to achieve:

    Personal life

    – Start workout everyday for at least 30 mins at home in the mornings

    – Start eating healthier

    – To find additional source of income

    Poker goals

    Short term goals 1-2 years ( I know that J said that there should not be timelines for the goals but I feel that I have to put some 😊 )

    – Understand Omaha theory in depth

    – Constantly learning about the game – 1hour per day as a minimum

    – Playing poker for at least 1 hour per day minimum (weekends I would play for at least 2hours)

    – To win a minimum of 1000$ per month by playing Omaha.

    – To take 1-1 coaching sessions with PLO trainers twice a week.

    – Recognizing tilt situation and preventing big loses of the bankroll.

    Long term goals 2-4 years

    – Possibly to become full time Omaha player and quit my current job

    – To win minimum of 3000$ per month.

    I plan to achieve the goals above by starting the 10 week Omaha course and continuously improve my skills and game.

    Starting level NL25 with a bankroll of 500$.

    Well this was it from me so far and I would try to update this thread often. I will highly appreciate your thoughts and advices on the above.


    Please apologize me if the above is not very well structured. It could be because this is my first time starting a blog ever or either the language barrier as English is my native language.

    Cheers and have fun.

  • Tommycomedian

    January 11, 2021 at 10:52 pm

    Hey Kristian,

    Good luck with anything. Hope the learning will bring you what you have in mind.

    I do find some money goals a bit high. And as I read it you are starting with 20 buy-ins? That is suicide i.m.o.

  • Adelaney

    January 12, 2021 at 10:43 am

    Hey Kristian

    Welcome to the community and the PLO Mastermind!

    It’s never too late to find Omaha the main thing is that you found it in the end haha

    As Tommy mentioned be careful with setting monetary goals it’s important not to get fixated on these as ultimately these are goals that you can not control and can easily turn from a positive to a negative real quick if you get too hung up on them, as well as your starting bankroll you could be playing with fire a bit starting with only 20 buy ins unless you have the means to reload comfortably we’d usually recommend having at least 100 buy ins for a particular stake due to the high variance that comes with PLO.

    Best of luck and look forward to following along.


    • Kristianiliev

      January 12, 2021 at 11:25 am

      Hi there,

      I will take your advices. Thank you!

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