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  • O E V

    January 1, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Hey Guys! My name is Philipp, 32years old from Germany. I’ve been playing poker for roughly 10years now and winning 3-10k/year consistently on a part time basis since 2013. In late 2017 I nearly busted my roll on PS and almost wanted to quit the game but gave it another try on Partypoker where i spun up a 200$ deposit into 6k within a couple of month. At that point i decided to give it a shot and play full-time with 10k in savings and 5k Pokerroll. Around 1year later i was almost busto and had to return to my 13€/hr day job. I felt very defeated at that time. At the start of 2020 i had around 500$ in my PS account and had nearly no motivation to keep grinding and working on my game. The plan was to just play for fun on the weekends and try to bink a nice little score here and there in some small mtts until Pokerstars offered me a challenge where i had to rake 2000$ within a 30day timeframe to get 800$ cashback. Well how you gonna do this? Gotta jump in the micro zoom streets and get raked the shh outta ya.😀 And this really reignited my passion for the game. I completed the challenge at PL25 and after that i had around 2k in my account. Funny enough PS offered me the same challenge again and i switched to PL50 HU Zoom where i won roughly 3k in 15kish Hds. The HU content in the MM helped tremendously with that.(Thx Suhe and JN❣) At that point i was sitting on ~5K and switched back to 6max. In peak lockdown time at the end of march, PS introduced a new daily Tournament, a 109$ PLO PKO, which i binked on its first Sunday for 7k. With now 13k in my roll i was able to play PL200. Never been able to play that “high before, i was absolutly motivated.

    Over the next few months i had several other amazing 5k+ scores in PLO MTTs and in mid 2020 all of a sudden a 25k roll to work with. I struggled a lot at PL200 Zoom though.

    At WCOOP time, highly motivated, i took some freetime to grind hard. Only a couple of days in i already dropped 5k of my 20k starting roll. That was very hard to swallow and it continued to be a very tough time. Initially i was so excited to take a shot at the 1k Main but well with only ~15k left i felt it would not be so wise to do that. I played the small one though and managed to chop that for 35k. It was the most exciting and memorable experience in my time as a player. I 1tabled day 2 and 3 absolutly zoned in and that deliberate action taking and obv the huge amount of money as a reward gave me a much needed confidence boost.

    Now with a 50k roll, without doing great at Zoom 200, i was still very reluctant to play higher than that. So i mostly kept playing at PL200, with only a few exploits into the PL500 Streets.

    In mid November i decided to take a shot at the 2k PLO EPT Event which became the second most amazing experience as a Player. The bubble of this bowl was the most insane thing i ever witnessed in Poker. I came out in 6th for 24k. Throughout the whole Tournament, even at the final two tables where i had Jeans to my immediate left, i felt extremely confident and comfortable, but once we reached the final table anxiety and uncomfort kicked in and i misplayed at least one Hand quiet badly. Nonetheless yet another amazing experience and a great score.

    For the last 6months I have been grinding the Trainer and Vision basically on a daily basis and the last 2Month really showing the fruit of my labour. Im crushing both PLO 200 and 500 and im feeling extremely good about my game. Overall im up 88k in 2020🙂

    With all that being said, im extremely grateful for this amazing run and the excitedment and the challenge PLO offers me.

    With this post i also want to thank JNandez and his team for their output. Without you i would never be the player that i am today. Thank you so much!!❤

    Im going to write a follow up with more details about me and my plans in the next days.

    Happy New Year Folks!! Go crush it!

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  • Adelaney

    January 12, 2021 at 11:13 am

    Damn Philipp you had some 2020 eh haha that’s so great to read that you were on the verge of just being over poker looking to play for fun on weekends to now being at the top of your game crushing tournaments and cash games and building a nice bankroll along the way. This was great to read i’m glad that it reinstalled the confidence in you that you can beat this game and now it’s showing!

    Time to make 2021 an even bigger and better year!

    Thanks for the kind words also, I am glad that the PLO Mastermind has been able to become a big factor in helping you get to where you are now and hope that it will continue to play an important role and helping you continuously improve!

    Best of luck and I look forward to reading your goals for the upcoming year.


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