From a sad to a happy journey!

  • From a sad to a happy journey!

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  • Hobbydonk

    January 12, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    @ the Mastemindmembers

    About me:

    I am Stephan, 37 years old and live
    with my wife and my 2 year old daughter in a small village in
    germany. I work as a employed public service at the foreign office. I
    am okay with my Job and the money there. Over all I really cant
    complain about my life, I can rely on my family and friends, we are
    all healthy and I still earn enough money to pay my bills. I live
    pretty healthy today (stoped smokin, dont drink alcohol, eat okay and
    makin 2-3 time sports a week). ´

    I know my english is not the best and
    hope you can understand my meanings 😉

    My Poker

    I play poker since about 13 years now.
    After 2 years as a „break even microstakes shark“ on Pokerstars
    i switched to PKR and had really good 4-5 years on this site and
    cashed out over 100k there over the years.

    I was even playin for a living at that
    time. I played all mtts there and PLO-Cashgames up to PLO400

    In that time i was in Vegas playin the
    wsop, twice in Dublin playin the WPT and in a lot of other Casinos
    in europe to play some small mtts and cash games.

    This sounds pretty cool and ofc i had a
    lot of very nice experiences at this time but there are tons of
    negative experiences, too.

    I made loads of mistakes like broke up my
    study, lived extremely unhealthy (smoked weed, was massively
    overweight….), took very less time for my friends and family, didnt
    work much on my game and the very very worst I did, the most of the
    time I had a terrible Bankrollmanagement. And this made from a
    person who loved poker, to person which hate-love the game and sadly
    often hate the people who took my money and i have very sadly to say that this is a
    feeling I still have today. I insulted so much people online over the
    years and I still hate my self very much for that because I know
    exactly how stupid and ugly this is!!

    I am a very friendly and
    familiar person in real life and I always was a bad looser but never
    that ridiculous then on the Pokertables at the last few years, biiig shame on me for that!!! 🙁

    So after the bad experiences started
    getting too much I decided to get my life under control (this is
    nearly 7 years ago) and was a very long way. But as you can read at
    the beginning all went fine and I will not complain because I believe
    now that everything happens for a good reason!!

    In the last few years I play from time
    to time for a few days/weeks PLO Cashgames and some Mtts, mostly win a bit
    money cash it out and buy some shit or pay a bigger bills.

    this is not the way I wanna continue because the game can give me so
    much more with all my experiences and the content from the Mastermind
    I am 100% sure there is no border to win money at it!!! 🙂

    My Pokerjourney now:

    I Just started playin PLO25 on GG Poker
    with a 50 Stack Bankroll and If I need I can still deposit the same
    amount. But as it looks like after 4 weeks I dont need that because
    the fields are pretty soft and the promotions and rakeback seem to be
    the best on the market actually.

    The only thing which sucks a bit, is
    that I just can play 4 tables actually because I live in germany. But
    on the other site I have much more focus on the game and my opponents
    which helps indeed a lot and shows again that everything happens for a
    good reason 😉

    My goals/visions:

    – Most important: I want just to
    love the game and stop hating and blaming other peoples anymore.
    This I want from the bottom of my soul because I hate myself so much
    for that!!

    – I want to work on my game and my
    mentality with all the exercises we get in the 10W transformation and after that and at Mastermind in generell (I also started the cruhing small stakes course which is very nice, too!)

    – I want to be disciplined with my
    Bankrollmanagement for the rest of my pokercareer

    – I want to increase the stakes as
    fast as possible to pay less rake and because I love the competition
    to play against good opponents and obv makin more monies 😉

    – I want to learn how to work
    effective with Pokersoftware like HM3, PLO trainer and monker solver

    – I want be part of the Mastermind community and
    after I learned some stuff helping other members getting better and maby give some tips from the experiences I made (positive as negative)

    As Jnandez says: I dont set a timeline
    on my goals. Cool things like “pay a holiday for my family or even “play at one day for a really nice living will come from alone.

    At the end let me say: I dont know if i
    will continue this blog very often because I dont like it much to talk a lot about me and also my time is very limited with Job, family, friends, healthy lifestyle and poker. but i will try beeing as much
    active on discord/twitch etc as i can. But if there is any question I will obv answere them! 🙂

    To write all this stuff down now (which
    took half my day^^) help me a lot to close my past “pokercareer and look into my
    nice future at the pokertables! 🙂

    Thanks for read



  • Maniaker

    January 13, 2021 at 7:12 am

    I like the honesty in this thread, keep it up Stephan and good luck 🤞.

    • Hobbydonk

      January 13, 2021 at 10:52 am

      That’s nice to hear. Thank you Maniaker 🙂

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