From 50PLO to 500PLO in one year

  • From 50PLO to 500PLO in one year

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  • Payoffwiz

    June 8, 2021 at 11:08 am

    First week really getting back to it.

    Games went fine. Last week was mostly just getting back to the groove of playing more and getting some solid routines. I played 9k hands and 10k was my goal so not bad at all. I did practice preflop hands and reviewed some spots I played but I didn’t do too much of in depth theory work. That just feels like a drag so I need to find a routine that makes it more fun

    Also I played some HU last week and it went fine, lost a bit in EV for about 1k hands but managed to run almost 1k below EV. HU seems like an interesting challenge. I was thinking of getting deeper in to the HU streets at some point this summer.

    6max games went well. I still feel very solid playing and rarely feel that I do big mistakes. I am really seeing all the work I’ve put in in the past 3 months

    GL to everyone this week!!


    • Payoffwiz

      June 8, 2021 at 11:10 am

      HU and six max graphs

  • Payoffwiz

    June 14, 2021 at 5:35 am

    Another week done

    Last week I played about 5k hands, which I know is too little in the long run. I was out of town from wednesday onwards so most of the volume came after that. After all it was a nice week of playing and relaxing.

    I did play a bit more HU which didn’t go too well and kinda ruined my mood. It is still interesting but I think there is just much more juicy spots and good opportunities playing 6max so I don’t see any point in diverging my efforts in to two games just yet.

    This week I’m playing 12,5k hands of 6max PLO. Going to go hard back at it and get the grind mood on again. I’m really excited about this summer and the grind. I’m feeling like I could get up to 200plo by the end of it

  • Payoffwiz

    June 21, 2021 at 5:29 am

    Phew what a week

    Last week was probably the most brutal week I have had playing PLO. I ran amazing for the first 3 days and then in just two days I stayed break even in EV and lost over 2,5k. I have never had that kind of a bad run. It really hurt, especially playing after the first bad day wasn’t too good.

    Also I really noticed how hard it is to get enough volume if I really try to play the best games. I only played about 9k hands so I was over 3k hands under my goal. Also I have played about 25k hands this month so the 50k hands goal is also far away. I like to play 6-8 reg tables so I get only about 450 hands per hour. Playing the necessary 25h per week can be really hard when I try to have a regular working schedule from 8-17. I’m still trying to optimize this so I think I can make it but for now it seems too tough.

    I did study this week a bit more, but still trying to find the best way to study for me. I feel like I don’t need to study too much atm to beat these games, but that style of thinking will get me in to trouble in the future. Next week I will improve my session review techniques and just do them a bunch more.

    Next week I will go spend midsummer from Thursday onwards so it will be another short week for me. Going to get 8k hands in during mon-thur.

    GL everyone💰

  • Payoffwiz

    July 5, 2021 at 8:51 am

    Hey guys,

    Didn’t post last week. I still played good amount of volume after that downswing week and even managed to climb back that EV hole. It has now been six months since I started this blog and I have managed to post almost every week here. The consistency and steady work has really started to shine in the past few months. 100plo has gone great and I do feel like I can move to 200plo when my bankroll is allowing it.

    The single biggest thing for me was moving to only reg tables in the end of march. That with really grinding preflop a lot with the trainer made for a very solid groundwork to which I could build postflop understanding and exploit weaker players. I think it is extremely important to know preflop really well to exploit weaker players and just to win big. When you know exactly what kind of hands you should have in a certain situation you can much more easily exploit weaker ranges as you know in what way they are playing wrong.

    What has been very interesting to see is that I have been winning or breaking even at redline and basically never have lost there. I think it partly is because I can be way too sticky in river spots and way too aggro in 3bet and 4bet pots which both increase red line and decrease blue line but I think that it is also because I have really tried to focus on exploiting tight tendencies and weak ranges. When playing with a hud you can get quite a big edge by just looking at preflop stats and playing bit wider or tighter ranges based on opponents

    I will be playing full time until the start of september so I still have plenty of time to play and get good results. Last month I played only about 40k hands which is too little for me. I also didnt study that well, I did do my preflop training routine but besides that I didn’t do too much work. I really need to focus on studying theory more in the next two months. I have decided to focus on short stacking again and I will try to get my GG RnC game profitable. I have struggled there a lot but I think I can get it done. Besides that I will be playing on stars and some euro sites which have proven to be quite profitable.

    So goals for this and the next month will be following:

    – 100k hands with at least 10k hands a week. I want my playing to be steady so no lazy weeks and no crazy volume weeks

    – Atleast 10h week deep work on theory, so I am not counting any routine preflop or handhistory work in this

    – Posting here every monday about last weeks work and plans for the following week.

    And now some graphs from the past six months. First is ytd so far and then ytd at 100plo. Hoping that I can post a graph on 200plo some day that looks like my 100plo graph😁

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