From 50PLO to 500PLO in one year

  • From 50PLO to 500PLO in one year

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  • Payoffwiz

    January 3, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Hello Mastermind members!


    I started a blog already in early December, but I wanted a fresh start for the year so that’s the reason for a new one. The previous blog was called growing and learning PLO

    Right now I am studying business at university, but luckily I am able to take some time off soon. Starting from march I will focus solely on PLO until September when the school year starts again. I’m going to give PLO my full focus that time and we will see how far I can reach.

    For the last few months I have been grinding mostly on GG and a bit on Party also. I will continue this until March and after that I will be looking for some profitable spots on other sites. Welcome bonuses and soft unknown games.


    I have noticed the impact of rakeback last year playing at both of these sites. How do you optimize for it can have a big impact on your winrate. By optimizing I mean playing for leaderboards so that you don’t just miss the next payjump and the same thing for weekly rakeback.

    For example lets say that I would play about 3k hands during a week at partypoker. My rake there has been approximately 14bb/100 so $7/100 at 50PLO. You would rake $210 during that week and you would earn $50 rakeback from party. With Black card you could get $10 more. Now the big money comes from the LB: If you would play the 3k hands during 1-2 days you could get up to $50 more. So in total if not optimized you could lose $60 during that week or 4bb/100. That will ad up big time in the long run.

    Gameplan for the next two months

    Schoolwork will take some time as I want to study well too. I think that with careful planning I can create a good routine that balances schoolwork and poker well with my life. This is what I have in mind so far for the next two months of university and poker:

    – I will play 50k hands at party and GG

    – I will watch the 10wt from start to finish and make notes on it

    – I will do a longer update here every monday and will post feelings and comments during the week. (next longer one 11.1)

    – I will look at my graph only once a week with the update. This means that I will not be downloading hands during the week, only after playing a whole week.

    I think that these are some good basic rules to start with. I am super excited to start grinding with proper routine and focus.

    After two months

    As I said I won’t have any other responsibilities with university which means that I will put all of my working time towards PLO. We will see at what point I will be with my progress but right now I’m planning on playing at least 50k hands per month and will be looking to shot take 100PLO as fast as possible.


    As you probably saw I set a goal of reaching 500PLO in a year. This will be the goal I will be striving for and I will be putting in work so that I can achieve this goal as likely as possible. I will make the probability as close to 1 as possible.

    Poker is such a sick, cool and fun way to get freedom and money. I am 21 right now and if I would achieve the goal of 500PLO this year it would give me so much more options in life as I wouldn’t need to depend on regular career paths. I could go to work in some business if I wanted to but I would always know that I have the option to play poker again and could make a good living there. The optionality opens so many doors. Already hyped up for my journey!!

    Thanks for reading and GL to everyone in 2021!💰

  • Payoffwiz

    January 7, 2021 at 11:18 am

    Games have gone well so far. I’ve cashed the GG R&C Leaderboard 3 times this week and I took a break from poker yesterday to see some friends. I have watched the 10WT week 1 already and I am starting on week 2 today. I’m planning on watching the first four weeks in two weeks and then continue watching 1 week at a time. I have watched the first few weeks of 10WT already like a year ago and most of the stuff there is not too new to me anymore.

  • Payoffwiz

    January 11, 2021 at 6:33 pm

    Weekly review

    Well actually this is a review of the past ten days.

    Hands played 12120
    Profit $48,20
    Rakeback $700

    As you can see rakeback really makes a difference. In total I raked $700 during the past ten days and I got $700 as rakeback. Of course I was a bit lucky as I hit a straight flush two times and got $250 from it at gg. Anyways my regular rakeback was $450 and thats really significant too. That was 7,5bb/100 for me during my sample. I actually think that the graph is a bit wrong. It seems like some of my profits from 50PLO rush and cash are missing. Might be that some hand histories have been lost somewhere.

    Overall I am very happy with my progress during past days. I have watched the first two weeks of 10WT and have taken comprehensive notes on each episode. I played almost every day and maintained good focus during sessions. I think the fact that I didn’t upload my hand histories every day really helped with my mentality. That’s something I’ll continue to do so graph updates will be weekly here.

    Also I managed to run deep in a few tourneys and profited $220 from them last week. Tourneys seem to be very profitable even though I don’t know too much about ICM and how that effects play in the late game. There are just so many players donking their stack away that with some improvements in my ICM and tourney understanding, they could be very profitable too.

    Happy with the results last week. Managed to fulfill all of my goals for the week. On to the next week:

    Poker goals
    – Play 7k hands
    – Will watch 10WT week 3 through and will do 1h study sessions on each of the topics with my own database and PLO trainer
    – Will post 3 hand histories to the forums

    Other goals
    – 3 times to the gym
    – Average time sleeping 8h
    – Enjoy life and relax at least a few hours every day

    This week I’m not focusing on the volume that much as it feels much important to focus hard on studying during the beginning of my journey. On to this week and fun times grinding and learning!

    GL to everyone💰

  • Adelaney

    January 12, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Fresh year fresh start!

    Like the plan you have set out and as you clearly said rakeback can play a huge factor in your earnings it’s very important to always factor this on a site and looks like you’re doing it the right way (nice job the last 10 days!)

    How have you been finding the 10 week transformation so far?

    Best of luck with the upcoming goals for this week look forward to reading your next update!


  • Payoffwiz

    January 14, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    Thanks Ash!

    Yea finally this week I’ve had more success with the winnings before rakeback and rakeback continues to improve the overall score.

    I’ve liked the 10 week transformation a lot so far! I did watch some of it about 6-7 months ago and it feels nice to watch it again as I clearly feel that most of it I already know well and am implementing well. Looking forward to the later weeks in the 10 week transformation as I really think that they are the most important to my progress right know.

    But otherwise I’m very happy with results this week. I’ve played a bit more at party with good success and also I had a few crazy pots at GG where I sat at a table with a big time fun player. I’ll post some screenshots of those too.

    On to the weekend. Will be a nice update on monday 😀 💰

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