Dreaming Big!! Infinito46's road to high stakes!

  • Dreaming Big!! Infinito46's road to high stakes!

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  • Infinito46

    July 2, 2021 at 2:46 am

    Surprise mtfks! Guess who is back.

    Since i’ve missed for so long im gona tell you what happened.
    After having long downswings in the apps. It was due to low volume and high variance, I think.

    So i looked for higher volume and ended up playing in GGPoker. Started with normal tables but ended up playing the GG Leaderboards. First in PLO100 and the last month and a half or 2 in PLO200.

    Results are really great and I’m really motivated with the game. Taking lots of vacations thought cuz of exhaustion. it isn’t easy to win those leaderboards.

    I’m around 35k up in PLO200 in around 150k hands which is great. And running over EV which is better than great :D.

    Anyway. Today I come to you with a little project. And maybe you can help me improve it with your suggestions. There are many lines which need to improve in oprder to make it a true masterpiece.

    I was listening to this coolio song. Gangsta’s paradise. And I felt kinda identified. With a few twists. So… there goes my version.


    “As I walk through the valley of the shadow of rake

    I take a look at my life and realize there’s nothin’ left

    ‘Cause I’ve been gambling’ and raking’ so long, that

    Even my momma thinks that my mind is gone

    But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it

    Me be treated like a rakeback pro, you know that’s unheard of

    Fool, I’m the kinda G the little shorties wanna be like

    On my knees in the night, sayin’ prayers in the streetlight

    [Chorus: LV]

    Been spendin’ most their lives livin’ in the rakeback paradise

    Been spendin’ most their lives livin’ in the rakeback paradise

    Keep spendin’ most our lives livin’ in the gamblers paradise

    Keep spendin’ most our lives livin’ in the rakeback paradise

    [Verse 2: Coolio]

    Look at the situation they got me facin’

    I can’t live a normal life, I was raised by GG

    So I gotta be down with 24 hour shifts

    Too much leaderboard watchin’ got me chasin’ rake

    I’m a educated fool with money on my mind

    Got my mouse in my hand and a gleam in my eye

    I’m a loc’d out bigstack, set trippin’ banger

    And my homies is down so don’t arouse my anger

    Fool, death ain’t nothin’ but a coffee away

    I’m livin’ life do or die, what can I say?

    I’m 23 now, but will I live to see 24?

    The way things is goin’ I don’t know……

    Tell me why are we so blind to see
    That the rake we hunt is you and me?

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    • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  Infinito46.
    • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  Infinito46.
  • Josh

    July 5, 2021 at 8:58 pm

    Hey man, how’s 2021 treating you? Be good to see an update.

  • Infinito46

    July 11, 2021 at 4:44 am

    Hi Josh. I actually did a huge update a few days ago. This huge post. And then edited an image and the whole post disappeared T_T

    I’m gona update tomorrow before going on vacation.

    But I’ve been crushing lately! Mwahahahaha!


  • Infinito46

    July 12, 2021 at 3:09 am

    Hey guys. So I shot PLO100 around 4 months ago. Looking to play bigvolume and demonstrate to myself I can win in a hard field(harder than the apps). And I actually expected GG to be a big challange but a good place to improve my game.

    So I played there for a month or so and since I was winning decently I shot PLO200 and it’s been going pretty well since then. I’m around 35k up in the last 3 months in a full sample of around 170k hands. I’ve acheved around 100% rakeback, maybe a bit more since I usually get high spots in the leaderboards.

    The graph doesn’t show the whole volume I’ve played. Sorry for that but GG Server is damaged now so I can’t download the whole one.

    Anyway. Beating 200 was easier than expected. I don’t know if it’s summer and regs are on hollidays or just the field is like this but I’m enjoying it pretty much.

    I believe I’m not in an upswing anymore. I did think so in the begginning. But most regulars are kinda fishy and there are some big fish playing every now and then so… life is good.

    I’ve been playing 100bb deep most of my volume since I was really respectful of PLO200 regs. Now I’m gona start playing deepstack and I hope I’l improve in that department during the rest of the year.

    Eventually I want to shot PLO500 and then 1k so I’m gona need to be able to play a decent deepstack game in order to play normal tables. Since in rush I can just go out whenever I get deeper.

    So I expect to improve as a player and also achieve a higher winrate by not paying rake in the biggest pots. Which is gona be pretty proffitable 😀

    I also plan studying PLO5cards and starting to play some in GG since there are some pretty sick tables which I want to play. Bu that will be after my holidays.

    I must confess that this past weeks I was kinda burned out and not really motivated to study. But it always goes like this after a few months of hard grind. The holidays are gona be definitely refreshing.

    Now I’m going to spend a week in Mallorca for my summer climbing trip. It’s gona be amazing as it always is. I may attach some photos when I come back.

    I also met this beautiful girl a month and a half ago and I’m gona spend some days with her after mallorca. So I can say I’m in an upswing in the love department too jijiji. Which is pretty lucky since I’ve done almost nothing but grinding for the last few months haha

    That’s it from me by now guys! I hope you are doing good in the tables.


  • Josh

    July 17, 2021 at 11:46 am

    Hey man, sick update. Good to see things are going great. Your screen name out on GG? Full respect to the leaderboard grind though. That’s an intense grind sometimes. I’m currently playing 50 right now on GG although as a part time grinder not for leaderboards.

  • Infinito46

    July 29, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    Hi Josh. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are doing well at the tables. Maybe GG isn’t the best place for a not fulltime grinder btw. Cuz of the high rake. Maybe you should check some other options.

    My nickname in GG is IEatYourChips btw.

    I’m gonna share with you some photos of my holidays in Mallorca and then Poland.

    Now back to the grind, inspired and more focused in studying. I’m gonna keep going hard on my way towards the highstakes!

  • Infinito46

    July 29, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    I don’t understand why I can’t see the photos I shared. Could someone tell me what’s wrong? Please.

    You can click on them and download them thought.

  • Josh

    August 9, 2021 at 5:53 am

    Look like sick trips man. Well deserved.

    The 200RNC endboss in person haha. Nice man yea I see you crushing up the most day.

    You you got discord ? Add me up if you don’t mind I wouldn’t mind asking you a couple of questions on where to play etc Marshall345#9682

  • Infinito46

    August 21, 2021 at 2:28 am

    Yesterday I built some fat stacks in the R&C Tables.

    My deep stack adventure is going well by now and I feel more and more confident in it as time goes by. I’ve also been running really well lately. But still. I’m really happy with my effort on the tables and with the results.

    I feel superior to a big part of the field so let’s keep the show going 😀

    Cheers guys! Hope you are doing great in the tables too.

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  • Discolime

    September 11, 2021 at 12:42 pm

    Very motivational blog. Thanks for taking the time to share. How many hours per week do you dedicate to study?

  • Infinito46

    September 16, 2021 at 11:06 pm

    Hi Discolime! Thanks for the kind words.

    I try to study on the spare days. Always a couple hours. Sometimes I fail. But generally I’d say I’m studying around 6-8 hours per week. Sometimes more also…

    It isn’t easy to grind this hard and also be motivated on the spare days. But I’m doing my best and I try to be very ambitious and stay as motivated as possible. I think that is the key to longterm success so.I take it really seriously.

    Now I’m also focussing on studying 5card PLO since it seems important in order to jump to 2/5 which I’m shotting right now. Otherwise I can’t compete for good leaderboard spots.

    Also in the near future I’m gonna start to study MTT theory and shortstack game. Since the MTT’s seem to be really attractive.

    So I have many challenges ahead. That keeps me motivated because I see that it’s the best way towards sustainable winnings and also ability to adapt to the ever changing environment of GG. And of the whole poker world most likely…

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