Dreaming Big!! Infinito46's road to high stakes!

  • Dreaming Big!! Infinito46's road to high stakes!

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  • Infinito46

    June 11, 2020 at 4:00 pm


    Hi guys. I’m Georgi AKA Infinito46. I’m 28 years old and poker has been my only profession during my life. Between 18 and 25 I became a NLH 1000 6max and HU regular untill 2017 when I decided to end my poker carreer in order to chase different goals. In the bottom of the post I share with you my beautiful mid-high stakes graph from the old days.

    So this year, 2020 I decided to come back to poker and finally accomplish what I could have done some years ago. Complete financial freedom.

    In order to do that I chose a new path and set an ambitious goal.

    Learning the game of PLO and hitting PLO400 by the end of the year in something around 2000 working hours.

    When I chose this goal I felt it was an ambitious but possible goal since I already have a decent bankroll from my old NLH success so it would only take the skill in order to accomplish. But still, my NLH Journey to midstakes took me many years and I was expecting a hard way ahead of me…

    6 months have passed since then and I’m already about to shot 400 and I feel really confident in being a winner in the next stake with a good table selection.
    So I’m really happy to be about to hit my goal in half of the expected time with a really high winrate in the games. In the next few months we will see how that will go πŸ˜€

    Now I’m gona write a small timeline of my progression towards this point.

    This is how everything went since day one:

    5 of January: I start my PLO Journey in Jnandez.com. I decided to study a lot and not play too much in order to have a “solid” base.

    4 of March I was already a winning regular in PLO50 Pokerstars.es in a small sample of 20k hands I felt confident so I shot 100.

    5 of March I was starting to play PLO100 in some apps. Then I earned about 4k in 1 month and had the confidence to shot 200 since I already had the bankroll. I set myself the goal of earning 10k before shooting 400 and I expected it to take me 2 months or so.

    5 of June: I earned 12k€ in a month. I guess I was kinda lucky but tables were really weak and I felt like a big winner thanks to the Jnandez content and a big ammount of studying hours since the beginning of the year. I also joined a private online game which gave me half of the proffit for this months.

    Some ridiculous action you wouldn’t see in PLO2, but this chinese bussinesmen are amazing haha.

    11: June. I start this blog and I’m about to shot PLO400 which I will do soon.

    So that’s my short history.

    I’m really happy with this fast growth but I am realistic and I know that I’m still a beginner and I’m really focussed in studying.

    I’m studying around 60 hours per month besides playing 130-140 more. Using some GTO programs to improve my game. Watching videos in Jnandez.com and also streaming and everything available so if I keep advancing at this rate getting to highstakes will be only a matter of time.

    Now I’ve set a new goal and I want to be established in 600 by the end of the year By The Way πŸ™‚

    It’s sad I can’t share graphs of this last months since my tracker doesn’t track well the history from where I play. So you have to trust my word on my accomplishments haha.

    That’s all guys. Thank you for reading me and I’l keep updating every now and then πŸ˜‰


  • Infinito46

    June 11, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    So I Feel like a guy from one of those fake advertisements haha.

  • Adelaney

    June 12, 2020 at 8:15 am

    This is amazing great stuff Georgi had no idea of your background at mid-high NL stakes previously… That graph Scream good stuff!

    Even more amazing is the fact you’ve managed to get to where you wanted to be by the end of the year by the half way mark, hope that you can continue to crush!

    Also congrats on becoming one of those fake ‘I make $250a day learn how’ guys haha

    Keep up the good work and look forward to following along with the rest of your journey!

  • Funkarello

    June 12, 2020 at 8:48 am

    Hi Infinito

    I was looking at your journey and your successes, im pretty jealous πŸ™‚

    I was interested by your graph because on my good days, my graph could look like your graph, but with less benefits…

    When I look into my graph and your graph, the common point is the red line. I was asking for myself, is it normal, and is there a way to have a better red line ?

    If anyone has an answer for that, I have no clue myself…..

  • Infinito46

    June 12, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    Hi guys! Thank you for following me. I’m really happy to share my way with you.

    About the NLH Graph. The first half of the graph is mostly 6max bumhunting highstakes. That’s why the winrate is so high.

    The last half of the graph was mostly HeadsUp. Big part of that volume were battles with regulars in 5/10. We were fighting for some juicy tables which i was able to hold for about a year beating every reg who tried to fight me. That was some sick times and a really exciting adventure. Poker felt like competition back then…

    About the NON showdown issue. There are many theories. Some people believe that having a positive NONShowdown line makes you amazing at the game. But some TOP pros don’t say the same. It’s just a different style of play with different beneffits and counterpints.

    Of course a good regular will usually have a better red line by bluffcatching really well(folding less) and finding the right bluffing spots every time. But I believe a positive nonshowdown playstile in NLH at least is something made for the experts in the game and it’s way harder to accomplish so most likely, in my experience, the blue line is your best bet.

    On the other hand it also depends on the field. If you are in a really fishy environment it’s impossible tohave a positive redline since you can’t bluff those guys propperly in most scenarios. In a 500Zoom environment, with tons of multitabling regs, it may be possible.

    So that’s my point on the issue. Personally I see poker as a bumhunting game. We gotta find the weak players and that’s the fastest way to economical success.

    Of course having mastery of the game will be easier accomplished by playing a harder field but that’s not my main goal right now.

    Cheers guys!

  • Apollo

    June 21, 2020 at 10:47 pm

    Hi, I think U can say to yourself: “ItΒ΄s good to be me” πŸ™‚

    My question: Do You think, is it better to follow regular tables “bumhunting” or through the quantity it works better, meant “zoom”? PS. I donΒ΄t mean only more hands in zoom, but do U think in a zoom pool can U learn faster?

  • Infinito46

    June 25, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Apollo.

    The short answer is the one that Jnandez gave to me in a streaming some weeks ago when I asked the same. I asked him about high winrate 15bb/100 in low volume vs lower winrate in zoom tables and if I should think on changing to zoom in order to improve my game and maybe even win more because of the higher volume.

    He told me that If I’m winning 15bb/100 and raising stakes I better keep doing what I’m doing.

    Now I’l proceed with the long answer which is a bigger part of my thought process.

    Pearsonally I believe a harder field has 2 different effects.

    1. It motivates you to study more because of the pressure.

    2. You have lower winrate. The implications of this are really important. Lower winrate means high variance in PLO. Also we need to assume that you are a winner. But if you are raising stakes and facing harder opponents you may be a marginal winner or a break even player. And that means higher probability of long lasting downswings which can last for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HANDS which can be SOULCRUSHING. If you play with the variance calculator you will see what I’m talking about. That’s highly recommended.

    Personally I want to avoid that scenario while my confidence in my game is low and as a newbie in PLO that will be my situation for a long time. Having high trust in your skills is extremely important in order to keep motivation high and a good mindset during a downswing. And even more if poker is your unique economical source. Also having a really deep bankroll which can pay for years forward of your normal expenses is important but not everyone can have that luxury. I’m also a risk avoidant profile compared to the poker community but I’m really happy and live a relaxed life this way and wouldn’t change that for any ammount of money.

    Also there is something else. Personally I believe that right now my learning ability is capped by my lack of skill using the basic programs which I need in order to study PLO propperly. And learning to use those doesn’t deppend on the villains I’m facing. So before thinking on playing against a hard field in order to improve my game I need to have the basic skills in order to be able to do that in a propper manner. So that will be one of my middle term goal.

    Also as I climb the stakes it’s more and more tempting to play in bigger websites since the rake in apps is really abusive. So eventually It will be EV+ to make the jump to big websites. But if you are playing lower than PLO200 stakes and are capped by a lack of self improvement mecanisms In my oppinion playing weaker fields despite the lower volume may be your best bet.

    I just checked your log and saw that you play midstakes live and you are learnign PLO. If your main income comes from live games you may as well preffear to play zoom and learn faster. Cheers!

  • Apollo

    July 3, 2020 at 1:43 am

    Thank You very much Infinito46 for your comprehensive answer :).

    Yeah I have to look for myself, what does work better. MTT 4 Tables max (Stars) make below 300 hands/hour, but the environment is much softer. Zoom with ante (U know: “more rake is better”) suxx, so you have to count, count, count.

    I like to learn, like U already mentioned, but itΒ΄s a process to reach your personally Holy Grail and btw. IΒ΄m not a Mid-Stake Grinder/Crusher, not yet, but if U want also that I should be there, so I have a companion now :D.

    I wish You Coco Nuts… Live long and prosper.

  • Infinito46

    August 4, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    Burnout. Vacations!! Spiritual development. Finding deeper meaning.

    Hi guys. There has been a lot of poker in my life since the last update. Earnings have kept going well despite being kicked out of some clubs and some reduction in volume. I don’t know how much I won during this period but it wasn’t too much.

    Anyway that doesn’t matter too much to me since my yearly results have been way better than expected.

    So I was waiting to start my vacations 5th of august but in the end of july I was already finding it really hard to focus and my mind and body rejected poker really hard. So I spoke with my partner and we decided to start vacations a week earlier and to chill.

    I’ve been thinking a lot since then about my lifestyle and my addiction to external stimulation which is a product of a really active and curious mind mixed together with some underlying lack of meaning in life, some less than perfect circumstances and also some bad habits which all converge in that addiction I’m talking about.

    So I decided to disconnect as much as possible from social networks, phone, music, and everything which is not here and now. Of course I won’t be extremely radical. I chose to only let in my life enlighning music, books and videos from a few people which i trust for my spiritual development. And also spend most of my time just chilling in the midst of silence.

    I believe this is the beginning of a different way to understand and enloy my life. And also i believe this will help me improve my poker focus and motivation. Extracting inspiration from a healthier source.

    My vacations will be in the midst of nature. Climbing in the cliffs of mayorca and living in the edge for 15 days so It won’t all be silence and calm. But I believe the variety may also come handy in this process πŸ™‚

    On the other hand I decided to start studying a carreer. It’s gona be Psychology. Since I started playing poker at 18 I always wanted to study but never found the moment.
    This year I’m gona prepare for university so It’s gona be pretty challenging mixing 40-45 hours of poker together with 20 weekly hours of study which I believe I’l need for my preparation. We will see how that develops.

    As you saw during the last posts my life is really amazing and I am pretty successful in most basic spheres. Work, social life, sports and health… But there still was some lack of meaning in my life and I believe studying in order to start developing my vocational project will be a basic keystone in order to solve this issue. So I feel more than willing to hustle for some years. Also I’m 29 now and sooner than later I’m gona have familiar obligations so studying earlier will be important so this is the best moment for it.

    About the vocational part. One of my dreams is to become a good father and to have a great family. And I’d like to study that, to learn from experience when I have that opportunity and finally I’d like to help others improve their families and children education based on that experience and expertise.

    I believe I could touch many lifes for better trought that project and do a greather good to the world by helping parents give propper education and guide to their children.

    So studying psychology will be one of the basics in order to make that dream a realistic plan.

    That’s all from me for now. I’l report when I come back. Hopefully with some new insight and without too many scars.

    Cheers guys!

  • Infinito46

    September 6, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    Hi guys! My vacations ended on 19 of august and I’ve been grinding since then.

    I had a lot of fun and some sick scary moments deep water soloing in Mallorca but I also used the free time in order to think about the motivation issues I mentioned in the last post.

    I purchased “The Mental Game of Poker” and It was the best investment. It helped me to see my issue in a different way and I realised that it wasn’t a “motivation” issue. It was being burned out instead.

    The book defines burnout as an issue that happens to highly motivated people who hold a strong discipline for long periods and aren’t self conscious enought to accept the possibility of being exhausted and needing a rest.

    That was exactly my issue so I’m happy to have realised it. I’m gona give myself more resting time from now on. And also try to live a more balanced routine and enjoy more my everyday life.

    On the other hand also burnout is caused out of exhaustion so I decided to optimise my diet, workouts, and sleep in order to last longer and achieve better focus and less exhaustion which will make my playing experience a nicer experience. I don’t want to feel like grinding anymore. But in long sessions sometimes you feel unhappy but obligated to get that juicy recreationals. So a better energy supply for my body will be the key of enjoying the grind more and not feeling overwhelmed by it.

    Now I’m on top of the supplements game. Something I had left some time ago becouse of laziness.

    I’m also sleeping 8-9 hours per night. Even more when I feel like it. Some time ago I saw that as a waste of time but now I believe I really need to sleep a lot since I’m doing big mental and also physical efforts.

    Finally I’m learning to cook and enjoy food some more.

    And also started to train with a personal climbing coach which is challenging and motivating.

    About my results. I’ve started playing some new private clubs and some of the games there are really sick. I’m winning about 12k in the first 2 weeks of the month and things are amazing.

    I’m also playing some NLH Games, both HU and 6max. I am not at the top of my NLH game but the tables are just too good for me to not win good ammounts πŸ˜€

    I’ve shot 600 and by now apparently I’m there to stay.

    The big jump will be to PLO1k but I still have a good ammount of bankroll to build before shotting that stake. But things are going way faster than expected so doesn’t seem that far away πŸ™‚

    Finally I’m gona tell you that In the beguinning of the year I set a 10 year goal of 1Million in earnings. That was also a dream back then. I really wanted to set myself an extremely challenging ammount. But by now things are going so well that it seems as something more than reachable. Which is really hard to believe.

    Well. Life is wonderful. I’m feeling happy and motivated again. And I’m here to stay and crush πŸ˜€

    Cheers guys! Thank you for reading me.

    • Cayla2016

      September 11, 2020 at 10:08 am

      Hi Infinito46, just to let u know I had a good read with your blog πŸ˜‰

      I had a great time near Benidorm one month ago to reset from poker. I did some hiking as well and it was amazing.

  • Infinito46

    October 26, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    Hi Cayla. Thank you. I’m happy it resulted interesting to you.

  • Infinito46

    October 26, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    Another good month.

    Hi guys. Today I’m gona talk about my move towards PLO5, 6 and maybe even Hi/lo since i see juicy tables sometimes in those tables.

    I just ended my working month after my bulgarian vacations. A bit more than 8000$ up and really good feelings on the tables. I feel more and more confident in my game. It’s weird but I actually feel I’m better than many so called “regs” despite still being a begginner if I compare myself to the more experienced players of the forum. I’ve always been really humble since I’m a newbie in the game but despite that I can recognise a lot of bad desicions by my opponents and It feels unbelievable for me since when I played NLH Mid and Highstakes players were way better. So. PLO is amazing and I’m so happy to have chosen to move to PLO on the beginning of the year.

    I’m also playing PLO600 on a daily basis and playing with 50bb in some 5/10 tables when there is really weak players.

    So why do I think about playing PLO5 and 6?

    I’ve been working on the mornings lately and it’s the time with less traffic. In exchange it gives me a perfect lifestyle as I have the whole afternoon and night free for leisure.

    That’s why I decided to add some other games since I can find some good PLO 5 and 6 games every now and then. Hi/lo is also an option but I need to study way more for it since it’s way more different.

    After all PLO4 is like Holdem but with 2 more cards and in the same way PLO6 is like holdem with 4 more cards. Not such a big difference.

    So I’m watching the PLO5 series in the forum and it’s really valuable for me since there isn’t any other info in the internet.

    I also checked some PLO5 streamers but most of them look pretty recreational and play way looser than I think is right. Also they make tons of weird plays which I believe are wrong. Still I can be mistaken but I believe not.

    So I decided to learn to use Odds Oracle propperly in order to study by myself.
    Anyway I’m not planning to study this modalities too hard. After all the plan is just to hunt the weaker tables and keep focus on improving my PLO4 game which I’d like to take to mastery in the next years.

    About that I’l speak in the next post.

    About Hi/lo… I literally see some regulars open HI/lo tables and play alone vs recreationals because noone else knows the rules. So perhaps if I knew the rules I could have some good action in there too. I purchased a book in amazin and it seems to be a good introduction to the game and who knows. Maybe one day it will give me a good income…

    Cheers! And GL in your tables.

    • Josh

      November 12, 2020 at 6:40 pm

      Hey man,

      Sick rise up through the stakes. i love these blogs, they really give a lot of inspirations to other polayers like myself tansitioning and trying to follow that same path. Other than the videos on mastermind what else has been a good learning toold for you? ever used vision or monker? and if so at what stage did you start with this?

  • Infinito46

    December 6, 2020 at 7:52 am

    Hi Josh. I’m also using PokerJuice to review concrete situatiuons and ranges. And Vision for a few things. But it will be outdates soon.

    The PLO Trainer is way better in almost all aspects already and soon we will have turn and river solutions so…

    Monker seems something mandatory for a professional who aspires to really know the game and study it deeply. I’m gona acquire it eventually but by now I wait to see what will PLO Trainer offer to me.

  • Infinito46

    December 6, 2020 at 7:55 am

    Hi Guys! I had a strong downswing when I was shotting PLO1k and decided to switch my plans for some time.

    I moved to GGPoker in order to play PLO200 and see my level against a harder field than the apps and recover my selfesteem as a professional.

    It’s been almost a month since then and when the whole month is done I’m gona do an update about my reasons to switch and my experience there.

    It’s a big step for me because when playing apps I was thinking that I was winning cuz people were bad but I couldn’t beat a harder field. But now this idea is changing

  • Infinito46

    December 13, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Hi guys! Today is a great day since I just accomplished 1 month playing in GG and I can start arriving to some conclusions about my results and also the rakeback and environment.

    At first I decided to play GG in order to test myself against a harder competition and see If I’m capable to win there. I wasn’t sure about it since I still consider myself a brginner in PLO.
    I’ve only studied the game for 11 months after all. And also I came from a 1 month downswing which wasn’t making me feel confident.

    But I took on the challange and here are the results by now.

    I’ve won a total of 8370$. Almost 42 Buy Ins.

    Of which 4880 are from rakeback. My calculations tell me I have around 88% rakeback since I’ve been focussed in accmplishing the leaderboard every single day which is really important for me in order to optimize my hourly winrate.

    The 3488$ which I won over rakeback are around 5.1bb/100. The EV in Poker Tracker is around 4.1bb/100 but both numbers are kinda wrong since the tracker doesn’t convert all hands well since I run it three times often and maybe there are other issues.

    On the other hand it’s important for me not to get too complacent since we all know that there is a lot of variance in such a small sample of PLO Hands. And on the other hand I know how much work I still have to do in order to become a really good player and feel like a crusher. I’ve got a long way towards that…

    But despite the variance I’m playing really good tables. I see the regulars around me doing a lot of silly mistakes and I table select really well so I feel like a big winner and I believe that this kind of results may be something realistic to expect for the times to come.

    When I started playing PLO this year I wanted to end up playing PLO400 on a regular basis. And I believe that I’ve accomplished that goal by now.

    Despite playing PLO200 I believe I could be winning in 400-1000 with good table selection and playing in some apps. Which I already did for some months with good results. But still volume is important and I believe I’m earning almost the same ammounts playing 200 in GG.

    On the other hand facing harder competition and doubling up the volume I play is positive on the long term in order to improve my game and look into higher goals. So. That’s the right way to go!

    That’s all by now guys. I’m really happy with this results and I’m looking forward on my road to the high stakes!

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