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  • Dave’s Progress Log

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  • Davedavidson

    December 5, 2020 at 8:59 am

    Righto, signed up to the mastermind about a week ago and going through the 10 week transformation. This is my progress log.

    A bit about me briefly: I have a good, safe, well paying job & career in construction management which I absolutely despise. I want out! A while back I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years living is SE Asia and really enjoyed the lifestyle there.

    In poker I am an epic holdem fish, and the game is dead boring anyway. I love to play PLO. I am an OK PLO player. I am probably marginally losing in the game, marginally winning including rake-back and promo cash, that’s where I am at and where I have always been for a number of years.

    I find I can play PLO for 100 hours a week if my schedule allows it, but I have spent precisely zero hours lifetime working on my game away from the table. Its been interesting joining the mastermind. Having played for so long without any study, despite what my results say, you kind of get the feeling that you know it all, or at least know enough. I went and did some of the Mastermind quizzes cold recently and got so tired of seeing “WRONG some up on the screen after answering a question that it is obvious that I have a shit ton to learn.

    My hope is that (being break even now having never worked on my game) if I keep an open mind, be keen to improve and put the hours in away from the table I can transform myself into a solid winning player who is able to support himself with PLO as the primary source of income. That way I can tell my boss to stick it and fuck off back to paradise.

    FWIW, my vision statement, purpose statement and millstones are listed below:

    Vision Statement:

    I’m a professional poker player who is based in SE Asia and travels 2-3 months of the year. I play mid-high stakes PLO cash games online.

    Purpose Statement:

    I play PLO because I love the game. I work hard to improve my game every day because this will provide me with the opportunity to do something I love as my main source of income; freeing me from the day job grind and providing me with location independence and the ability to set my own schedule.


    1. Spend 14 hours per working on improving my game, away from the table, including time spent on strategy, tactics and the mental game.

    2. Beat PLO50 at a win rate of 4bb/100 over 300,000 hands, excluding rake-back and promotions.

    3. Beat PLO100 at a win rate of 3bb/100 over 300,000 hands, excluding rake-back and promotions.

    4. Beat PLO200 at a win rate of 2bb/100 over 300,000 hands, excluding rake-back and promotions.

    5. I’m not including a play volume milestone as this has never been an issue. If anything I should consider a play volume limit.

    6. Quit my job and run away to paradise confident in the knowledge that PLO cans support my lifestyle.



  • Davedavidson

    December 14, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Quick update,

    Since my first post I have played a little bit, say 8K hands, and I am losing. I don’t really care

    My strategy over the past week, which will continue moving forward, is to play 2 zoom tables instead of the usual 4. I’ve found this is useful in giving me the time to think and apply what I have learnt correctly or close to it.

    This past week I’ve been focusing on RFI ranges. I’ve seen some improvement and have moved from a VPIP in the low 20’s up to the mid-30’s. I’m now under-folding, whereas in the past I was overfolding in RFI spots, particularly OTB. I follow most sessions with a review to spot the mistakes I have made.

    I’m keen to move onto week 3, I feel I flat in too many spots and I’m keen to turn some of those into folds and others into 3bets.


    Cheers, Dave.

  • Adelaney

    December 14, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Hey @davedavidson

    Apologies I somehow managed to miss your progress log.

    Welcome to the PLO Mastermind and the community!

    That way I can tell my boss to stick it and fuck off back to paradise.’ 😂 hopefully we will be able to assist in getting you to this stage!

    How have you been finding the studying so far considering it was not something you were previously used to doing?

    Best of luck and I look forward to following along!


    • Davedavidson

      December 15, 2020 at 5:46 am

      Hey Mate,

      Thanks for the welcome. I noticed that there were two “Dave’s Progress Log posted within an hour of each other, I suspect this is why u missed mine.

      I’ve just completed my masters degree, so fairly accustomed to study routines.



      • Adelaney

        December 15, 2020 at 12:34 pm

        Oh congrats on completing your Masters, yeah definitely well accustomed to study routines i’d guess haha I never done a masters but my girlfriend is at the moment and can see how intense it can be.

        What is it you were studying?

        • Davedavidson

          December 22, 2020 at 9:14 am

          Sorry, Only just noticed the question. It was a masters in construction law.

  • Davedavidson

    December 21, 2020 at 12:28 am

    Well, I’ve finished this week about 24 buy-ins below all-in EV over 10,000 hands. Obviously that is fairly hard to beat!

    To top it off I entered the PLOser day 1 on GG for $400 this morning. My first hand:

    I am CO: open to 2.2bb with As Qh Jh Ts

    BTN calls, BB squeezes, I call, BTN calls.

    Flop: Ad Ks 8s

    BB 3/4 Pots and I get it in. He calls and shows KK82rr and holds. Out first hand. hahahah, wasn’t funny at the time. I guess it would have been better to 4bet call off preflop, and he may have folded. But I was a bit reluctant being the first hand.

    I’ve been working away at Preflop and have seen some improvement, at least statistically speaking. My RFI frequencies are +/- 2% compared to the ‘ideal’ frequencies except from the BTN where I am still in the low 30’s. My cold calling frequencies are also within 1% of the ideal frequencies, except from the bb where I flat too infrequently, this has been this weeks big adjustment as in the past I was cold-calling far to frequently from all positions.

    I’ve noticed that my 3-betting frequencies are off the charts @10% and it seems to make no difference what position I am in and who I am facing a raise from. So this is an area I really need to work on asap. On the face of it, it seems my BTNvsCO, SBvsBTN, BBvsBTN and BBvsSB 3bet ranges are fine, but I probably need to look at my 3 betting vs. EP & MP and from the blinds vs. CO.

    I’ve also found the PLO trainer which is really useful. I’ve been running specific tests and figuring out what hand categories I regularly make mistakes with, I then go through those using the preflop charts and make adjustments.

    Thinking of spending another week working on Preflop before progressing into ‘week 4’, with a particular focus on the issues identified above.

    That’s about it from me this week, Cheers.


    • Tommycomedian

      December 22, 2020 at 3:26 pm

      Great to see you doing all that work Dave.

      I am currently starting week 4 as well. My open and calling numbers are way to high so I have to come down. 4 tabling Zoom PLO seems undoable if yopu want to learn but this is an old fart speaking. I am just playing $10 PLO else we might could work together a bit.

      Good luck m8

      • Davedavidson

        December 23, 2020 at 4:30 am

        Hi Mate,

        Yeah, 4 tabling zoom and learning are not compatible. I’ve been mixing things up recently, playing 2 tables sometimes whilst trying to apply concepts and then 4 tabling and just playing on instinct/ unconscious competence.

        I’d be open to working together in the new year. I am far too tight and by the sounds of it you are far too loose, so we might make a good team.



  • Davedavidson

    January 14, 2021 at 1:06 am

    Hi Y’all,

    Been a while since I last checked in.

    Since the New Year I’ve played just over 50K hands and I’m up 5.95bb/100, my all-in adj. is 2.82bb/100 so I’ve been running hot!!!

    The biggest change in my game has been in c-bet frequencies. Prior to the 10 week transformation I was c-betting aprx. 45% IP and 60% OOP, which apparently is a huge mistake! Having worked on my game it is now at 40% IP and 33% OOP. Still not optimal but I’m trending closer to GTO. Once I get to the end of the course content I’d like to go back to this aspect and look at it in more detail.

    With the Xmas holidays I took a small break from the course but looking to get stuck in again effective tomorrow.



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