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  • Danny´s progress log

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    February 22, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    Hi Everyone! I´m Daniel or Danny for my friends. I´ve been playing Poker for at least 15 years. Never with a clear plan or strategy. I played most of the times NLH tournaments and a couple of years ago I tried out PLO. In the beginning I wasn´t bad at all. I kept it simple and had some succsess,but I stuck and got frustrated over the years and I think right now I´m playing worse. I think my biggest problem is mixing up some theoretical concepts (maybe also from holdem and make bad choices. Calling when I actually think or feel it´s gonna be a bad one. This leads usually to frustration with myself and more bad play and so on. I really hope to thrive with this course in both ways.Learning fundamentals which I can excecute and becoming a more mental stabil player. My vision: I want to keep my job but only part-time (max 4 hours a day) and play poker almost every day for a couple of hours. I want poker the thing in my life which gives me the opportunity to make some money and take that money for great travel experiences with my family. I want to be more free in a financial aspect, but I love the idea that my life doesn´t depend all alone on my poker succsess. This will make poker a great thing for me. Milestones: 1)Doubling my bankroll would feel great 2) My first vacation sponsered by my poker earnings. 3) A vacation to play poker in Vegas in a great hotel and with good food and entertainment with a couple of friends. Playing poker as well of course and financed for me and my friends by my online poker career 🙂

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