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  • Be winning player in PLO

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  • Harjitsingh

    January 12, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    About Me: I am new to PLO and played around 15 PLO games so far (all in casinos). My graph is like roller coaster in these games. I went up to $3k and started loosing and went down to -$2.5k. After that I won around 8.5K for a positive of 6K. I lost all my winnings in last few sessions with an effective losses of -$2.

    After these swings in my performance graph, I realized that I am playing very bad with such a money involved in the game. I need to start taking it seriously. I will have to take it professionally and learn every aspect of it.

    So my vision is:

    “I want to be way better than where I am today in the game of PLO (Beginner). I will be a consistent winning player in PLO (like NLH) and will understand the dynamics and principles of the game. I will improve on my mental game as well along with keeping focus on health with good diet, 8+ hour sleep per day and regular basic exercise. “

    My Purpose (motivation):

    – I want to generate income of $10K+ per month from PLO, so I can take those profits and invest in other part of my life (for Leisure, travel, charity and retirement).

    – I want to learn and improve on PLO strategy/tactics consistently by analyzing my own games, listening to successful players, training and improving on my Mental Game.

    In order to achieve my vision, I will:

    – Do regular exercise (15 min+)

    – Take 8 hours+ sleep everyday

    – Eat healthy (Which I do mostly… :))

    – Take training regularly and revisit them (refresher)

    – I will analyze my games Post flop religiously.

    I do not have any good option to play online (to start in low/micro stakes) from where I live. So I will play in casinos (weekends only) as I do for NLH to start with.

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