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    May 19, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Hello everyone,

    my name is Thomas, I have a full time job and I´m very excited about the upcoming journey in PLO and my life improvement in general. I´m completely new to PLO and never played a hand before. 4 Weeks ago I subscribed for the PLO Mastermind and during the last weeks I studied the 10-Week-Transformation program to get a first idea about how to play PLO and become a winning player in the long term.

    My blog will be about PLO but also about other aspects of my life in which I try to constantly improve.

    My Vision:

    I am an ambitious, healthy living part-time poker player who enjoys playing online/live and travel to different Poker spots across world. I love exploring the game on a deep level and challenging myself to become better step by step.

    My purpose:

    I use poker as a vehicle to grow as a person in different areas as well as to lead a self-determined life with more independency from others. I am excited for the journey and sharing it with like-minded people.


    Start: $1000,00 USD at PLO25z (40BI)

    Every end of the month 50% of the winnings will stay in the Bankroll to grow, 50% of the winnings I will put into my Investment bankroll.

    Goal´s for March:


    – Study again Week 3 & 4 of the 10-Week-Transformation

    – Study 5 days a week (min. 3 x 45 minutes) Preflop Spots and get a better feeling for the Ranges

    – Start Playing 1-table of PLO25z 5 days a week (min. 1 Session of 45 minutes)

    – Study to play Ratio 3:1 & Improve Study and Play Routines


    – Running 2 x a week

    – Bicycle 2 x a week

    – 4 x per week Weight lifting or Freeletics (2er Split Push/Pull)

    – Eat better/healthier food


    – Start a Blog about finance and investing

    – Learn 10 min every day Spanish with a language app

    – Update this blog every Week

    – Start to meditate

    – I will start a weekly Calendar and Daily journal to give my day more structure and finish upcoming tasks more efficient.

    Short-term Milestones (1-6 month)

    – Finish/Repeat the 10-Week-Transformation

    – Become a winning Player at PLO25z

    – Do sport on a regular basis and eat(life) healthier

    – Start & continue Blog about finance and investing on a constant basis

    – Become a more efficient person

    Long-term Milestones (6 month or more)

    – Establish myself at PLO100z winning at >EV 5bb

    – Start Playing PLO live

    – Doing Sport on a regular basis and eat(life) healthy

    – Be a more efficient person

    – Running a blog about finance and investing

    Thank you for reading and good luck at the tables.

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